Tax Headz - Tech companies based in Holland

Can anyone describe the basic tax structure of Uber,, etc. 

yeah thanks, my mate set it up

wouldn't bother copying it though, it's about to be obsolete thanks to the new regulations that create a 3 way deal where platforms are involved

Not specifically.

Dutch B.V.s have always been popular in tax structuring because its a proper EU jurisdiction, favourable taxes (i.e. not much) on holding companies and lots of withholding tax agreements (although is that all EU based now?).

i'm not about to do it you rettards, i dont run a multi-billion (or even million) euro company. I'm genuinely just curious

Try googling 'double Irish with a Dutch sandwich', but as Sumo says they have blocked it for new structures.

The Dutch have lots of favourable agreements with non EU countries, a lot of O&G companies have dutch entities because of operations in Brazil and the resulting tax efficiencies.

A double Irish with a Dutch sandwich sounds proper fucking dirty.

they've even got a double tax with India and that jurisdiction is tighter than a ducks (not 3 ducks obvs) arsehole for getting cash out, unless you want to go mauritius and pay 5 locals to be on your board


gaah, not withholding tax - double taxation treaties.

I used to love doing this stuff back before I developed some morals.

Set up a company in Luxembourg, stick a bunch of (genuine) triple A assets in it, do a bit of jiggery pokery, pay tax at 20% in Luxembourg and then claim the full amount of tax paid back in both the UK and the US.