Supreme Court hearing next week - who will win

Me, Government

Remain obv

Since the referendum, Remain have won everything

laz this is not a vote on the legality of the referendum, but it is a hearing on the governments right to suspend parliament.....

I don't see it as winning and losing.  I doubt parliament will return any earlier than  planned as a result of this court action

Lady P, Scottish Courts come to some strange decsions , whilst not having had sight of the judgement, Lord Carloway refers to BJ giving HMQ the queen improper legal advice. Have the Court of Sessions seen that advice?

Anyway see what I said on another thread, Sumption said matters of this nature are unjusticable, and he knows how his former law lord colleagues think. I think the government will win by a clear majority

but people who voted remain are the best and the most cleverest and these judges are the cleverest and so it will be for remain. remain! remain! remain! and what boris did was illegal.

LA - I think you might want to be busy with a new Russian if you are bored. 

Diceman, if the government lose they will HAVE to recall parliament as ordered by the SC.So back to the OP, who do you think will win, it is very much about winning and losing as is all litigation.

Noone really gave them a hope of winning or was even very interested until the Court of Sessions unexpectedly granted it.

No good reason to think the result will be anything other than a government win. They will have to be careful about how they overrule the jocks, but they almost certainly will.

peace ebitda! in your terms, I think the govt will 'win'. but I also think govt may choose to recall parl earlier