Supposedly great things that are profoundly dull
  • The 117th and latest version of the Porsche 911.

all modern films over two hours long JUST MAKE IT 1 HR 47 AND CUT THE REST

Profoundly agree - no film over two hours long would not benefit from being cut - if this can not be done make a tv series instead 

If we're including self-proclaimed: dollapat


Plus one million re the films. The art of film editing has been lost. 

"Profoundly agree - no film over two hours long would not benefit from being cut - if this can not be done make a tv series instead" 

Conversely, I'd add pointlessly long TV series that spin out a thin plot over multiple episode and seasons. 

No champagne is great 

Prosecco mings tho. If I can't afford champagne (I can't) give me cava 

Bentines21 May 20 12:59


You missed this off the end: "Union"


I imagine bento is untroubled by Union up there in widness

@Johnny Hellzapoppin', completely agree. A lot of shows start off great and then go into life support mode when the wider employee base become dependent on the show's continued existence.

ftaod no iteration of Rugby is ‘supposedly’ great

they are all, at best, moderately interesting at international level if no football is on

I actually prefer club rugby. The same 6 teams playing each other every year makes international rugby profoundly boring. 

Always like The Thick Of It’s description of opera - “IT’S JUST VOWELS!”

I don't like it Betty, it's kind of sickly. I love Italian wine generally. 

if I can't have champagne give me cava every time 

Seconded on Prosecco. And champagne. 

I don't get Nando's. It's perfectly fine, but people love that food. 

Wagner’s Ring Cycle.

Professional Football.

Any modern TV comedian.




Stranger Things

The Good Wife


Killing Eve

Erm, Wagner’s Ring Cycle is awesome and also Act 3 often has the awesome shit. E.g. Ride of the Valkyries. There is a lot of superfluous warbling but when it hits the high points, it rocks.

Also, a good stratocaster is a beautiful instrument.

Honestly, this place is full of wrong ‘uns.

Gardening generally. Growing your own vegetables in particular. 



Airport lounges

Business travel



Any horror film made after Jeepers Creepers

Romantic comedies

Musical theatre


Panel Shows

Loose Women (TV show, not slappers)


“Stein in France is good, because it is  basically a travelogue”

Does it have Rick Stein in it? If so, it will be shit.  

Any horror film made after Jeepers Creepers

What a very specific zenith. 

Football on the tellybox 



Horse jumping

your mum 


'Popping your cherry' (if you are too pissed to notice anyway).

A good Strat is both a thing of beauty and the pinnacle of modern musical instrument design.  Anyone who thinks otherwise hasn't played one.

Who said “porn”? Porn is great, you numpty

I’d nominate:

rugby leagye

wine, especially champagne 

bars (as opposed to pubs)


Surprised at Seinfeld. Would've had you down as a Seinfeld fanboi. 


It's for people who vote Lib Dem