Supposedly dull things that are profoundly great

Test cricket


literally no-one enjoys test cricket. They enjoy sitting in the sun boozing all day, which can be accomplished without cricket.

Agree with both Hank and Betty (with a nod to the humblebrag S in the latter's Post).

Test cricket is almost hypnotic.  Could happily watch a five day test with breaks only for the loo and sleep

Mowing is so therapeutic.  Strimming is cathartic.

Test cricket is not about the cricket - it's about immersing yourself in a national event and self-justfying 5 days on the piss, usually from the comfort of your sofa.

Plus no-one really watches it.  They dip in and out or pick up the highlights.  

I like test cricket too. Its a scandal that it isn't on terrestrial telly without adverts. 

My nan used to listen to every test on five live back in the 80s and 90s.  Not sure she had ever seen it live. 

"it's about immersing yourself in a national event and self-justfying 5 days on the piss, usually from the comfort of your sofa."

You say that as if it were a bad thing?

This is Australia,Wang. Famous for its abundance of space (and also casual racism). 

I absolutely love test cricket. The fact they often now make you choose whether you want to drink or watch due to restricting alcohol in the stands is a crying shame. 

I accidentally booked seats  in a non drinking family stand once - full house so couldn’t move until later in the day - was gutted 

I never got gardening before. I'm starting to like it. It could be that I'm also just starting to be middle aged 

Who on earth thinks test crickit is dull?

Last of the Summer Wine

Property TV

Jelly is a wrong'un but that's hardly news.

Drinking gets in the way of watching cricket. For a test series you want to be able to watch every ball.


I pressure washed my garden path yesterday. Taking off decades worth of lichen and grime was absolutely incredible. I felt like Bob Ross painting a sunset.  

If you go purely by the tempo of most of her tracks, Billie Eilish.

In fact you used to be able to get test cricket on Radio 3

Test cricket is shit. I got dragged to see the ashes in Sydney for two days once upon a time.  So fvcking boring. And the person I was with lost their shit at me when I pulled out my book.

Honestly if I had a choice between watching test cricket or sitting at home watching paint dry. I’d watch the paint. At least I’d be able to make a cup of tea and have access to a clean toilet. 

Sorry Stix. I know this means you and I can never really be friends. 

Of course we can, I just wouldn't waste a test match ticket on you ;)

That’s both for being friend and also for NOT having to suffer cricket. 

Playing cricket is much better than watching it, imo

The Archers


Possibly the worst effect of Covid so far is having that withdrawn

Nothing dull about Test cricket. And pretty obvious in advance what it involves tbh. 

stop banging on about test cricket, it's obviously great



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