Superstars in your local pub

who is the most famous person you have seen in your local pub?  (not the most famous person to go in it)


me:  John Pienaar - who is not actually that famous

JP used to live round the corner from my folks. Not sure if he is still in the same locale. Are you in S London?

Not me, but my mate was in a pub when Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's dog was mauled to death by another dog.

Does that count?  Do I win a pencil?

No-one personally.

We get a few in though, before doing their gigs at the Civic Centre.

When I lived in London Tony "Baldrick" Robinson came in my local.  He was a right miserable twat.  Also Paul Weller with his Mrs who looked like his granddaughter. 

Ant or Dec, one or the other.

Vanessa Redgrave in the caff.

Heh, Sheila Hancock also! Forgot her. Maybe she’s a boozer.

mel c could be a contender.  slightly more famous than jp


JP might have been visiting martian

The most famous people I have ever seen coincidentally (rather than say the time I stood behind Prince William in the portaloo queue at polo) are Hugh Grant (I sold him a pen in Ryman the stationer) and Tilda Swinton (walked past her in street in Venice)

In answer to the OP, Vas blackwood, or "the Shadow" as he is better known

Colin Firth in the beauty spa waiting for a massage (fnaar) 

Jade Jagger walking down the road (v beautiful)

Matt Dawson in Waitrose, pub, etc

Harry Judd, James Cracknell and Sophie Ellis Bextor in the gym (not together)

Matthew Pinsent and Rixhard Osman at the bus stop (not together)

Also Pinsent and Redgrave having a family picnic on Temple Island one summer

Back in the day in Stokie:

Tony Slattery

Helen Baxendale

Rupert Graves

The fella out of Cornershop

mel c could be a contender.  slightly more famous than jp

I think I have also mentioned on here how I have shared a jacuzzi with Mel C at my health club.  A woman in absolutely exceptional shape for her age (or indeed any age) and very attractive versus how she looks on the tellybox.  Instant elevation to my favourite Spice.

that remind me of watching the english patient with someone who cried alot

Mel C is lovely she took a photo of my ex and the kids at an ice skating rink for him 

David Cameron fingering the cheese in the Chipping Norton farmers' market. 

I've always been a little bit in love with Mel C.

Harry Andrews the actor used to be a regular in my local and is buried in the local church graveyard with my grandparents.

Ian Carmichael.  Old school, yes, but very very famous when i saw him as a young lad in the 70s.

Ainsley Harriott in Battersea.  Charming.  


Rory McGrath, frequently and usually very pissed.

When I lived in Brighton, I shared a local with Mark Williams, so the whole cast of the fast show.

Same pub Ralph Brown aka the camberwell carrot was a regular too.

various other more minor lovees 

in Dubai Shk mansour was a regular.

I've seen Ronnie Wood in the pub too!


Will Young

Frank Lampard (with adrian chiles and christine bleakley)

Barry form Eastenders



Cain Dingle

Ryan Sidebottom

Geoff Boycott

Bruce Grobelaar

Various Leeds players

I've seen John Pienaar in a S London chippy but not in a pub.

I've seen Freddie Flintoff in a local pub years ago.  And trigger off only fools (pub outside WHL).  Jude Law (at a bar in WHL).  I bumped into Hugh Fearnley Wossit in the old oddbins at waterloo once.  He was buying s cheeky stella, despite them serving his natural thistle ale.

Edris Elba Q-jumped my m7 dave at the bar in the O2.

Sat next to Andrew Lloyd Webber at the bar of Hotel Du Vin in Birmingham about 18 years ago.

The band His Infernal Majesty were in their once, too, but I didn't recognise them until afterwards. And my brother, after I stopped working in Brum, bumped into Kevin "Silent Bob" Smith there.

Rumour has it that Daniel Craig has been in a couple of local Lapworth pubs from time to time, but I've not seen him.

My local tends to be a gathering place for musicians, partly because of the GLive concert hall and partly because of Andertons, the famous music shop next door to the pub.

They tend to browse around there, then go to the pub for drinks and a meal. in summer there are a few low-key jams in the pub garden.

Some of them are moderately famous.

I might have bought a chilli plant off Hugh Fearnley Wossit at the Bridport food and beer fest 13 years ago. Can't recall if he was there now. It was a stall for his River Cottage, but can't remember if he was actually present.

heh @ chambers 

you sound like my Grandad and the time he saw the Beatles in a transport cafe 

I used to waitress in Primrose Hill and Harry Enfield was a regular on certain nights of the week.  Came in alone, had dinner and left.  He was a nice chap.  Quiet, polite and just generally seemed to be a good bloke.

I was on a crap date years ago in Mayfair and Daphne Guinness came into the pub.  It was surreal.  Like seeing a unicorn in McDonalds.  It was a great old backstreets of Mayfair pub and she walked in to have a pint with her mates wearing McQueen couture and her mad skunky hair.  Made the date for me!

Nick Ferrari. Gobby loud c.unt he was. Totally unexpected.

I saw Liv Tyler in a bar in Prague in 1998.  She was really properly smoking hot.

needless to say I slow danced the night away with her and then sold a dress design to coco Chanel before copping off with Jordan. [/montie]

I did have a brief dance with Kristen.  I was 17 so I dont think I was in with a chance.

The hot lesbian one off Brookside used to be a regular in my local back in trainee times.

I lived a couple of doors down from Nick Ferrari 15 years ago Buzz. Were you in Lewisham/Blackheath area?

I once served Harry Enfield and Kathy Burke at the pub I worked in in Muswell Hill. They knew a friend of mine who had worked on Kevin & Perry with them, so came in quite a bit for a while. Also served Nick Moran in there. He was really nice. Used to be a lot of people from Eastenders and the Bill in the pubs I went to around there too.

John Inverdale in my local, he was buying Marion Bartoli a Babycham.

Suggs in a hotel bar (does that count?) but we had a long chat and he asked my son if he was gay, which was slightly odd (he later sought me out to apologise). 

Perfectly timed thread...

Last night... Johnny Vegas, up here at a pub in Mordor. Bought me a pint. Every one cheered.

Fletch from Holly city formerly in the Bill. Incredibly nice , normal and down to earth . Seen countless star struck people usher him firs to the bar. “ nah you’re all right you was first” said in a proper south London half cockney accent. Saw him get a ticket outside the pub when the warden saw him coming . He takes the ticket , smiles , enters the pub and says wanker !

Inverdale horrid creature. He often floats about my locals making himself seen and heard. He’s blanked by everyone , bar staff make a point of making him wait .

He was making a fortunately rare appearance in SW London Tangent.

Nick Frost used to do the pub quiz in one of my locals. One of those local slebs who you think you know, say hello to and then cringe with embarrassment. 

The most famous local in my local is a nice old Olympic gold medallist from the 1970s. He comes in, has one pint over about a  hour with his son, the youths from the local athletics club nod deferentially over to him, he nods back to all of them. 

It's lovely, it is like having the same local as Santa Claus.

Kristen scott thomas is a quality spot. Mr m would be insanely jealous.

we once had to accept a dinner invitation from a complete bore simply because it was rumoured she had once turned up to one of his previous parties

I've been for a pint with John Motson, around 1998.

I've served pints to Sir Clive Lloyd, Viv Richards and Beefy. Oh, and Kim Barnett.

badman - what were her hips like?


buzz, kim barnett was a great eccentric with a stupid batting stance

None in my current local(s).  The only sleb I can ever recall seeing in any local, past or present, is Greg Davies.  He was trying (and failing) to look inconspicuous while sitting at the bar with his mate.

Two different locals, and one wasn't so much a local as the bar that me and my mates used to go to at the time but, in order of superstardom:

1. Fred the weatherman 

2. Heath Ledger




As Buzz has opened up the thread to slebs you served pints to, I've served-up to (in no order):

- Jane Goldman (Mrs Jonathan Ross) - very nice and ordered for Mr Ross too who was looking nervous for some reason.

- Sophie Ellis-Bextor - we had a chat about a mutual acquaintance but I hadn't realised they were no longer speaking to each other,

- Roisin Murphy (ex-Moloko singer) also very nice; and

- Dave Rowntree (Blur drummer) who was very surly and according to one of my colleagues was annoyed that I hadn't recognised him. He stood by a pillar staring at me for a good 10 minutes while I just carried on serving.

Dicey, his batting stance was nothing as eccentric as his taste in soft drinks - a bottle of ginger beer in a pint glass topped up with milk would you believe

Why do some solicitors always give it the "Do you know who I am" schtick like that RG?

Rad, it is the kind of qualities which you describe that possibly convinced Dave Rowntree that he should take up law as a profession, as he believed that he had the required makings of a decent solicitor....

Did Fred bum you in the disabled bogs?


No, but it was the pub that was known not to check IDs and round the corner from the school he had taught at so I'm sure he was there for the reasons you would suspect. Obviously it was before his fall from grace but even at the time his friendliness to young men news well known. 

Why do some solicitors always give it the "Do you know who I am" schtick like that RG?

My ego was out of control but have got help since then.

Heh at theRealist, he certainly had the poor social skills down-pat.

buzz, do you reckon that beats jack russell who allegedly used the same tea bag for a whole tour

Lots of just listing famous people one has seen on this thread.

To answer the original question: in my old London local, Hugh Laurie, Nicola Walker and  Rachel Stevens. (Not all at the same time, mind, and none of them really superstars.)

Pete Doherty when he was going out with Kate Moss

I once served a pint to Paul from Neighbours

Also, I saw Andy Ripley in a bar - now we're talking real Superstars (this will only make sense to people born before 1972).

Before my time , but Ollie Reed used to drink in just about all my local pubs almost every day. Dad bumped into him countless time. There is a drinking route named after him Ollie’s 6. 1 pint in each pub in under an hour

Ah, the l8 gr8 Andy Ripley.  Colleague of mine used to row with him.

I mentioned Ollie Reed just the other day. He was drinking in a pub in Wimbledon and a bunch of Rosslyn Park players pitched up early after training, complaining that they had to stop training because their pitch had no floodlights. Figuratively speaking, he got his chequebook out there and then and paid for them. He was a legend at the club thereafter, sitting on the front row and hurling drunken abuse at the pitch.

Andy Ripley held the world 2000m erg record for 50-54 year olds (and I think 45+ even though he was not in that age group). There's hope for me yet, 


Speaking of the extremely thirsty George Best was a regular in my local when I had a flat in Suburbiton.

Ollie Reed squandered as much talent as Richard Burton, bless them.

My parents live close to Warner Bros studios, we were in the pub one night and Daniel Radcliffe came in. My brother proceeded to make it his mission to get Harry Potter pissed, and ended up taking him back to my parents because otherwise they never would have believed it.

"ended up taking him back".  There's the kiss and tell no-one expected.

It was a one off put Pat Rafter lost a Wimbledon final or semi I can’t recall which he put his card behind the bar at the Dog & Fox. No one paid a penny, dread to think of the tab.

Missed him as I was helping to move a piano but Mel Gibson was in my local prior to filming Braveheart. 

I’m about to own this thread. When I lived in Belgium we had Michel Preud’homme come into our local….

Anyone remember him?

- Helena Bonham Carter

- Nigella Lawson

-  Ralph Fiennes

One of my mates appeared at the London Palladium over 300 times.

We drink at the local. And play croquet at my place. He has a croquet lawn at his place in Fiji but I’ve never visited.

We need Judo on this thread: but I suspect could take her an age to list the slebs that she's seen over the years in different West London watering holes. 

used to go to the Hawley Arms regularly in the days when A Winehouse was a regular

talked to her sometimes, my flatmate knew one of her mates and used to try to chat her up

contrary to perception she wasn’t always totally off her tits

"Michel Preud’homme"

Heh, Belgian keeper? Fair play to you for even recognising him.

I saw Winehouse/Peaches Geldof/cast of Nathan Barley (in costume) in the Hawley Arms  back in the day. Was actually a great little boozer the Hawley, pre-fire at least.



Also once, in the Good Mixer, which I rarely went in because it’s not actually very good, I once put down a quid to go next at winner stays on pool. 

I got playing against a little guy, leather jacket, black wavy hair tied in a ponytail, bit of a strut to him, had a mate who seemed to do his bidding and called him “Fins”. Turns out it was Finley Quaye. OK yes not a superstar but definitely the most famous person I’ve played at pool. 

He was a much better player than me but lost cos he fouled on the black. Then he skulked off. Series stands, Laz 1-0 Quaye.

was the hawley arms your local?

Finley Quaye counts as a superstar.