Super League 2nd thoughts

Am now thinking it would have been a good thing IF the teams were booted out of domestic competition.

We could have a proper blood and thunder First Division back with anyone in with a bit of a chance of winning it.  With the big money gone, the fans could own the clubs and pay reasonable salaries according to income.  We could have pheonix clubs to replace the franchises.   It would be like the old days but with nicer stadiums and less violence - would be cracking


This is wot notWellers said all along

The problem is, whilst the fans of the remaining clubs would be bang up for football without the big 5 (and tottenham), the owners of the remaining club recognise the big financial benefits of being in the same league as them. 


FIFA Suitable punishments for attempting to destroy the integrity of football for the greedy 6
Manchester City: Expulsion from Europe and 30 point deduction
Manchester United: Expulsion from Europe and 30 point deduction
Liverpool: 10 year ban from European football and 30 point deduction
Arsenal: Expulsion from Europe, 5 year ban from European football and 30 point deduction
Chelsea: Expulsion from Europe, Relegation to League 2 with a 30 point deduction to start next season 
Tottenham: Should just be laughed at for attempting to be recognised as an elite club and told to not be so silly in future

Would love to see the big 5 work their way up from the Isthmian League as penance. 

Let's be honest, no-one could compete with the West Ham juggernaut in this scenario. 

Let's be honest, no-one could compete with the West Ham juggernaut in this scenario. 

except Brucey's boys


There would be no money from any television rights to share around. 

The only reason anyone overseas watches it is to catch United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, City and, possibly when they played exciting football a couple of years ago, Spurs. Without them, there is no Premier League. 

Far cry from small boys in the park, jumpers for goalposts. Rush goalie. Two at the back, three in the middle, four up front, one's gone home for his tea. Beans on toast? Possibly, don't quote me on that. Marvellous.

Without them, there is no Premier League. 

Agreed, the remaining clubs would just become the top level of the football league. The TV money far less, maybe low enough that terrestrial stations could bid which would be ace. Would mean player wages would definitely have to take a big hit though which isn't a bad thing.

The product which is left would be incredibly fair, exciting and enjoyable. Fans would love it and we wouldn't have to put with the "fans" of the "big" 5 and tottenham, who are complete bellends.

I dunno the Toffees are a bit khuntish. Not forgetting Millwall. 

Do you think all the 'true' football fans from all the other clubs that weren't invited to this party but were howling about the betrayal, will now repent at leisure over this lost opportunity?

Let's be honest any club that was invited would have been straight in.

They are just annoyed they aren't big enough.


opposed to it in any circumstances tbh

Fans may well be against it, owners about to be given a few billion will be all for it. 

There would be modest money from domestic tv rights - but that is the point there would be less money in the game,  first players would go back to being paid a few hundred thousand a year rather than multi millions.   That’s fine.

It would just go down to the next 5. Witness the corinthian spirit of Germany where Bayern win everthing all the time. Yet again John Barnes is completely right as he is about race issues in sport. Wonder what those Chelsea Scum would be doing if the proposal was to introduce a salary and investment cap in order to maintain the egality of the beautiful game? 

Wot PC says. It is no good getting all righteous and saying 'throw them out' or 'massive points deduction' and btw it is not clear as to how this could easily be achieved given that the big 6 are voting members of the EPL. The main points are that without these teams the rest are f*cked as they have massive liabilities and there will be f*ck all tv income without them; also the big 6 now have massive international followings as do the other leading European clubs and a lot of those fans want (and will pay to see) those clubs playing each other on a much more regular basis than the current CL and Europa leagues allow. More change needs to come at UEFA level or the issue will be back on the table all too soon - the fundamental problems have not gone away by the current abandonment of the ESL.