Sunlit Uplands Appear to defy brexit naysayers!


Or at least they do if you are a betting man and were waiting for bookies to actually start giving odds on what will be rationed in the UK in 2019.....#globalbritain





Lucky bread is easy to make then, eh? (Although we should wait until March before rushing out to buy yeast, because it doesn't have a llong shelf life.)

*buys cow*

You can buy dried yeast that lasts for ages, or else you can hold back a bit of dough from your most recent, risen loaf before you put it in the oven and use that dough as the base of your next loaf.

You can do that indefinitely.  It's quite poignant in a way.  As long as you remember to do it, all your loaves are one loaf, and yeast is a living organism which makes it even more magical.

That's a great tip.

I live in a country where there is literally no point in making your own bread, but I might have a go anyway for fun. Trying to get my parents in the UK to start stockpiling but the message doesn't appear to be sinking in yet.

or, make sure you have flour and milk in? 

failing that, rice keeps for a while I gather

Flour isn't on the list of things likely to be rationed. And milk can be frozen but it takes up a hell of a lot of space.

presumably bread would be rationed because flour was in short supply


UHT milk, if you can stand it.

Powdered, if you can stand it.

Black tea, if you can stand it.