summer book recco thread

today I plan to go and read a book under a tree in Holyrood Park

pls tell me which book I should take

ideally something mystical

its old but have you ever read the mists of Avalon? The author is somewhat problematic but it's good 


Jack, how is that? I heard it's not as good as Instance of the Fingerpost and Dreams of Scipio. (I really like those two.)

I read the sense of an ending the other day. I liked it but I couldn't work out if the author can't write women or if that was intentional because the lead character is clueless. Or if it's just as well he wrote a book about a man clueless about the thoughts of women because he doesn't get them either. 

@pp i enjoyed it more than Instance of the Fingerpost but have not read Dreams of Scipio. It is much more of a fantasy than Instance of the Fingerpost, less of a historical detective story. I read it in hard copy. Apparently in the digital version you can decide what order to read it in.

If cats disappeared from the world. It's short enough to read in an afternoon under a tree as well.

Have u read the Strange series by Syd Moore?

or John Connelley

​​​​​​Golly Hools wasnt that Julian Barnes writing after the death of his wife? Pretty damning comment if so!

I haven't read it yet but when to a book society discussion thingyo (with wine) last night and they talked about  book I really want to read... something about Frannie Langton. Confessions of FL I think maybe? Not entirely sure...

omg if cats disappeared from the world is NOT A BOOK FOR PEOPLE WITH EXISTENTIAL ADJUSTMENT DISORDERS omg

what is this book wine thing please?


If you are a neil gaiman virgin i would add the graveyard book and american gods.  assume u have read good omens?

I have read all three!

lurve graveyard book so much (although it gets a bit more pathos the older I get)

ps the second series of american gods has gone off the boil a bit I think

I havent watched it yet.  there's a fourth Strange book out just now.  also i am sure u have seen series 4 of lucifer is on flix

strange I have not heard of!

I have been enjoying lucifer

he reminds me of a guy I know irl

I'm sure you'll have read it, but if not - All the Things We Cannot See

What about Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson?  More science-fiction than mystical, but not too heavy

CLERGS i am going to email u 2 questioms of sweaty law.  one of them is even taxy. pls deal.

Ok but there's vat on top of the tunnocks teacake this time

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