Suing Ryanair in Oirland

Anyone done this?

I was on a flight from Barcelona to Manchester which was delayed by over 3 hours.  I wrote to them claiming EUR 250 plus EUR 16 for food and drink.  They predictably told me to fuck off, saying the delay was because of air traffic control industrial action in France.  I asked for an explanation of how the delay was because of this industrial action and they told me to fuck off.

So I've submitted a claim with the Oirish small claim court.  Only EUR 25.  More to annoy them really and force them into disclosure.

Anyone ever done this?

And yes, I do have too much time on my hands.

She was too busy getting her mum out of the bath.

You know you don’t have to sue in Ireland.  2 reasons:-

(1) you live in Norfolk;

(2) you made this up anyway.  

(1) you can’t serve on a foreign entity using the cheap and easy method in the UK.  Also limited enforcement options 

(2) no I haven’t 

RE: X -V- Ryanair DAC 

Dear X,

Thank you for using the Courts Service Online system. Your application has been received.
We will be in contact with you via this email address in due course to let you know if your claim is appropriate for the Small Claims procedure.

For access to the status of your claim at any time, you can log into your Court Service Online account via the following link:


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No I haven't but they do owe me quite a lot of money under a determination by Aviation ADR which they haven't paid me and I suspect I am going to have to bring an action in Ireland

last time I looked the most recent judgment was that you do have to sue them in Ireland because that's what their terms and conditions say

Heffalump. maybe you should serve a wining up petition on them?

Heff their open stated position on the ADR is why I’ve not even bothered and gone straight to the Irish small claims court.  

Position on costs is same as UK.  No costs unless unreasonable conduct 

Yes the Ts and Cs say Irish law and Irish courts.  Also you can’t use moneyclaimonline to serve proceedings in Ireland and you’d have enforcement issues if you applied to lodge in the High Court and serve out of jurisdiction.

The way they treated us in the airport, on the plane and afterwards makes me want to at least make them spend enough money on a defence and disclosure to make my being a customer of theirs a net huge negative, even if I’m not due the compensation in due course.  Can’t see any Court viewing them saying “You can fuck off and we won’t give you any explanation” as being a reasonable approach to avoiding litigation 

???: yes, I have threatened that. I've given them another 3 weeks. 

The Irish Court system is slow enough without it being bunged up with a load of small claims thanks to those shitehawks

ryanair are pretty disgraceful. they simply refuse to pay compensation voluntarily even if the claim is perfectly good

I started proceedings several years ago for both my 250 euro's and my hotel accommodation when a Belfast flight was cancelled.

They paid on the last day they could.

I suspect they will do so here.

I served a winding-up petition on Hammonds Suddards Smith (as was) when they failed to pay my client judgment proceeds on time.  It was fucking brilliant.  The guy on the other side was a MASSIVE prick and I can only imagine the senior partner calling him to ask him what the AF was going on.