suggestions to fill my day - desk based

I have literally (like totes actually literally like totally) no work to do right now.

I am quasi-stuck at my desk.


How do I fill my day? 


Help me bring about the downfall of HR functions globally for quizzes for games for list articles


You could post dozens of pointless inane zero reply threads on rof about what you’re watching on telly, eating or who you’re masturb6ing about?

You can finish writing my opening note for me, sort out my jury bundles and admissions and prep my trial?


Ok then

Make a list of the European cities you can get to, for a city break, using only one day's leave and without staying overnight. Depending what your nearest airport is, you will find that some further-away cities are easier than closer ones, once you factor in good or bad transport links from airport to city centre. You CAN go to Milan for lunch and get home in time for tea. 

Ditto cool places in the UK.  Hadrian's Wall. Hauser and Wirth in Somerset. That land artist fellow in Scotland. Kettle's Yard in Cambridge. 

Mr Ronald,


that is a super interesting idea! I like it 

 You CAN go to Milan for lunch and get home in time for tea. 

True. Have actually done this :)