Stuff you've got used to in lockdown

that you will miss when we go back to normal...

Me: BT Sport showing every premiership rugby match every weekend, so I can watch the match(es) I want to see rather than putting up with the lottery of which games they choose to show.


Not shaving, commuting or wearing formal clothes. 

Being able to take 10 minutes off in the middle of the working day to water my plants or enjoy the sun.

T-shirts in the office (though will continue wearing them as long as i can)

Saving money on cooking for myself at home/not paying pub pint prices

Absolutely nothing

Lockdown sucks balls and did not improve anything for anyone ever. Fact

family time

no trains

Good lunches

dog walks

lie ins

I’ll not miss football every week night because I can’t watch football that takes place on a week night in the U.K., because time zones. If the EFL clubs abandon iFollow, I’ll miss that.

Not much tbh. Maybe I’ll miss knowing for absolute sure that I definitely stopped drinking at 10 and didn’t go raging at the knocking shops when in a blackout, by reason that all the bars close at 10.

In fact almost literally nothing tbh. I’ve hated the virus restrictions and next time, if there were a referendum, I’d vote [email protected] it let it blow

Practically nothing as I have been working in the office throughout and just been annoyed by the restrictions.

Sitting at my desk in shorts and t-shirt with the window open and nobody complaining about being too hot/cold and wanting to shut the window and turn on the air con/heating.

As Humph said being able to spend a ten minute break watering plants or feeding fish rather than standing in a shared kitchen making water cooler chat.

Not having to make arrangements with tradesmen that involve them turning up at dawn before I go to work or the like.

Not sweating my nuts off on the underground.

The BT sport rugby coverage has been a major plus point.

Now we can chin and watch a load of games. It's class.

Agreed Davos. You no longer have to tune in on a Saturday and find the only turgid dross that is on  is Newcastle V Worcester or Tigers v London Irish.

There will always be a good game on every weekend.

Wot the other PP sed.

I love a snooze on a bed rather than the floor of the office disabled loo.

ifollow showing every football league game

less traffic on roads

that is genuinely about it.

ifollow showing every football league game

less traffic on roads

that is genuinely about it.

Doing a lot of nothing when I was supposedly working.

Having just (reluctantly) returned to the office very sporadically, I'm missing it now I'm locked down again.  sad


Would like to have the option at least - so at least when I was going to be I could set the alarm thinking "yes, I'll do it!" and then press snooze the next morning thinking "no I won't".  But at least I would have had the choice.

I've really enjoyed the rugby.

I enjoyed having the time to play lots of music and read books and explore some of the countryside around where I live that I hadn't previously appreciated, but that side of things is long gone since I returned to work last summer.

I hate lockdown.


Doing the sechs in the middle of the day, between calls.