Stuff you didn't like as a child

Trifle. Eww @ the sponge layer. All dry like tree bark in the middle of a blancmange dream. And the cream. And the jelly. How unutterably rank. 

Bakewell tart and custard, please!

Lasagne. Ravioli. Brussels sprouts. Any kind of eggs. Semolina pudding. Rice pudding.

The first four, I later discovered, I only disliked because of the method of cooking. 

It'd be a cold day in hell before I eat either of the last two though.


I've always loved rice pudding.  Needs a big dollop of jam stirred in to turn it pink.

Trifle always has and always will be rank because it contains cream and jelly and anything butterscotch is vile.

Wait - did any of you have a grandmother who practically force-fed you Semolina Pudding?

No, for me, semolina was a form of torture inflicted by the school dinner ladies.

I had one grandmother who mostly just let me eat biscuits and get the occasional ice cream from the ice cream van, and another grandmother who filled the house with sweet treats she knew we liked and gave us a choice of three puddings for every meal she served. Some were homemade, but Sara Lee chocolate gateau also featured heavily.

Cheese. Can’t get enough of it as an adult though.

Trifle, semolina, jelly, bakewell tarts etc- loved all that.

mushy peas (only served at school not home thank goodness)

I could not eat cold meat in a sandwich with butter, it made me gag. One time I surreptitiously chucked it in the bin and father got it out and made me eat it, didnt do anything to improve the gag reflex, I can tell you.

Still cant eat cold meat in buttered bread now.

Macaroni cheese.  Although tbf I think I only started being completely repelled by it after seeing The Empire Strike Back where the scene in which Han slices open the dead tauntaun to stuff Luke inside to keep him warm reminded me of the appearance of macaroni cheese.

  • A damn good thrashing from many and varied teachers on consective and non-consecutive occassions.
  • They soon got theirs though.
  • Them and their families.

I once made a rofer a Bakewell tart.

I love rice pudding, it is classic comfort food.


I didn’t eat;




anything spicy

bread and butter pudding 


although I think a lot of the blame for that lies at the door of Vesta, and my primary school’s rendition of it.


My mum used to cook devilled kidneys and when she did I went to my room and put cushions on the carpet to stop the smell coming under the door. Gag.

Livery was no better for eating but the smell was bearable. 

I like liver pate, though, so it must be partly the texture of liver that made me retch.

So wonderful when you're an adult and just don't have to worry about eating these things any more.