Stuff like this is why I despise Grace Blakeley

She is enormously creepy and the threat of becoming a nuStalinist petri dish is  the worst part about Brexit. 

"Oh the visigrads are so AGAINST socialist controls"

Wonder why that could be you absolute fanny

cease your petty infighting and focus your hate wid me!!

I am now going to waitrose to buy all the yoghurt


I am going to moon the new statesman building.

Children, loos, your parents, random female journos ( this one certainly ain’t the first) -  there’s a lot of anger going on there.

Chiiiillll Winston

This one is actually the second and turns out to be the worst because Isabel never did PR for hard core extremists.

If this doesn't work you it should. Capital controls meant you couldn't take more than a few hundred quid on holiday not so long ago. A mundane but illustrative example. 

the hard left must be loving brexit

1) it is causing the tories to rip themselves apart

2) lots of arguments between the far right and centrists

3) the left hate the EU anyway so brexit fits their agenda

I'm thinking about becoming a trot

“Be seated and all will be well”

Strutts, you forgot people who don’t agree with the Clergham line. The ONLY line. 

Bailey you're such an odd woman.

You are the one making fun of people who don't have identical cleansing regimes to you. 

I doubt you disagree that capital controls aren't a horrendous and despotic idea.

You just want to be a bossy wee nip (in the nippy sweety sense not the racist sense). 

I literally cannot decipher that last paragraph but as you were. 

Then you have a narrow vocabulary and I feel for you 

Yeah bails with her tiny vocabulary.

Do you even process any of this stuff clergs or do your fingers have complete autonomy?

If you are going to flag Novara articles for criticism/ridicule, perhaps have a go at debunking them rather than a one-liner straw man? 

There's some appealing half-truths in there, so it's little wonder that they have some purchase.

It's hugely dispiriting that through Brexit the British public may get Shanghaied by either laissez-faire max ideologues on the one hand, or Marxist 2.0 goons on the other, despite there being no mandate for either.  



I was hoping someone would slag off the source, johnny ;) tbf she herself (new statesman columnist and Sky News regular) gives this as a top example of her own work so

thanks, zg, I intended it to be evocative (and lol@small minded little Englanders who think their inability to understand the mildest and most intuitive vernacular is down to the speaker rather than the listener - "chaps, I need a court translator! Roadman, haven't a clue!")

Why such vitriol to women more successful than you?

Also I bet good money that female journo, just like your despised Isabels, washes in the morning like virtually every other professional.

Especially Hardman because you just know she continuously smells of freshly cut roses.  Mmmm.

I suspect her confusion relates to the second part of your scathing critique, in brackets?

if we're not allowed to criticise people more successful than us presumably you never criticise anyone?

Vitriol doesn't imply criticise, it implies poisonous, jealous hatred.

hth hth.

I'm suddenly put in mind of those serial killers who go on the road as a duo

Always the best way to turnaround a losing argument.  Well done!


And that’ll be a white flag from clergs.

Yeah, well, I can’t actually deal with your arguments but you’re a peeedo/nazi/homeless.  Naaaaaah!

I do think teclis and cookie are an extremely creepy duo and I don't think central casting would disagree?

I mean you can say you disagree but it will make a liar of u

And my argument is that Grace Blakeley is a terrifying stalinist who should not be treated as a mainstream view. Anyone who engaged with the subject matter (as opposed to trying to make this into a "jealous cos she;s a GIRL" sexist piece of shit) MIGHT beat me but nobody has sought to so.

If I were you clergs i’d just stick to inventing several crises a day in order to attract attention from the internet and then hinting darkly at self harm if they do not seem to be garnering sufficient interest.

No point in trying to move out of your comfort zone.

stop trying to mansplain attractiveness, it's awful and cringe. I saw you trying it yesterday with smeone else and it was even worse because man you would be blessed if she pissed on you if you were on fire.

ok and you stick to snogging lonely wasted rofettes on the Christmas night out

that was not @teclis faod

although you can feel free to do so, teclis

I didn’t know you were coming to Christmas drinks. Sweet.

I don't think even the loneliest most wasted rofette ever would snog me TBH clergles.  


Sorry, but I have to ask: who is mansplaining attractiveness and how does one do that?

Ah don’t be like that big man.  C’mon close your eyes and pucker up, your old uncle strutter has a surprise for you.

I'm not falling for that one again.  Could've had someone's eye out.

I assume cookie and strutter come across better in their own heads than they do on this thread. 

That'd be me rather unfortunately.

This thread is actually a good example of why we don't go out drinking together anymore.  Well, this and the fact that I went mad and moved.