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Anyone who buys a first version of anything is a fool who deserves to be parted from his money

do you reckon strutter extends that rule to condoms?

count the pennies and all that. bit of another man’s ? on your ?? no problem, it’s all just money-saving bants to strutter

What part of "first version of " do you not understand you huge spazz? 


1st version of a condom was a length of sheep intestines with a knot on the end.... which would suit you. 

flying joke











wibble’s head 

people would wash them out too and use them again... communally. 

It’s true.

When Casanova spoke of his ‘armour’ this was not made out of thin rubber.

Apparently in Elizabethan times they could be made of linen. The Ancient Egyptians had a theory that camel dung would make a good contraceptive (probably true, who wants to shag someone smelling of dung?!)

I think strutter recycles the burst balloons from childrens' parties to a greater purpose.

either that or he used his venture scout skills to sever his own muckducts using only gin, a swiss army knife, pipe cleaners and some thread stolen from his wife's bobbin.

I will have you know that all the sewing in strutter towers is done by me.

Lady strutter would make a terrible job of it.

stop stalking me wibble/hanners u creepy weirdo

What Stix said - though contribution of Stardust is interesting.