stop talking about general elections!

there is no time for one, don't pander to them

talk about something nice instead

like how many cats you have seen so far today

me - two

Haven't seen any cats today but things that have made me happy are James O'Brien's book and Paul Heaton's new album.

I’m allergic to cats but not general elections. 

"Read a review of the book that said a lot of it is him reporting and critiquing his phone-in callers.  Is there more to it than this?"

not really. 

but all of his callers described might well be my entire family and some of my Brexshit supporting friends and I like the way he gets them to explain their pointless prejudices.

what made me really happy was when a woman was reading it over my shoulder on a very crowded tube and she said 'sorry, couldn't help it, what book is that as it looks really good?'

beacon of hope in a batshit shitty world

oh and the Paul Heaton compilation is great, one of our finest pop stars

O'Brien is a shock jock


rham - I haven't seen any cats. they used to come in my garden but I think they've probably all been eaten by foxes