Stix, Meh, Judo and Feebs

No, not a thread to nominate your ideal gangbang lineup (although the idea has its distinct appeals).  Are you still coming along to the bash I emailed you about tomorrow?


Mooch arse grassy arse.


B x

Ooh - Abbster.  I will drop you a line, old sun.  And yes - clique indeed.

Of course,


for a bash and a gangbang I always hope Fonders will be present

Yes indeed, Fonders will be present.  This sounds like a post-event celebratory mega-orgy.  Let's unleash hell. 

Team, I am so sorry, but I am feeling really rotten and will go straight home from the office.


I hope that it's not bad aids

I can't keep my eyes open.  Yesterday evening, sitting on the sofa, I shut my eyes and woke up again at 9, then slept for a solid 8 hours.

I just feel absolutely exhausted in a "not well" sort of way

Indeed we were.  Especially those who succeeded at scoring in the game of Cleavage Basketball afterwards.