The state some people leave work bogs in

FFS it is only 9.45am

It was like that scene in the bookies in Trainspotting.


any fool knows to avoid work bogs before mid-morning clean.

It's only polite if you make a mess to give a it quick brush afterwards.

Who are these people who don't understand how (and why) to use a toilet brush?

exactly. you'd presume they use a brush at home, why not a work. bizarre. 

what is even more concerning is when there is just a full turd in there with no paper. How did they wipe?

I can fully believe that there are people out there who reach adulthood literally unable to wipe their own arses.

I have been in houses without toilet brushes  - never quite sure what the etiquette is in those situations...

exactly. you'd presume they use a brush at home, why not a work. bizarre.

unless they don't use one at home (or anywhere) and there is always someone else to clear up after them.

Oh I hate that.

And hotel bathrooms. Ugh. Yes, I know someone comes in to clean every day, but come on, it will be more pleasant for them and less embarrassing for guests (the ones with manners anyway) if you provide a toilet brush.

Toilet brushes are rank. Why would you leave a poo smeared hedgehog in your bathroom. 

Should the need arise, a handful of bog roll does the job and can be left in the pan. 

It is no less and probably considerably more hygienic than its more common usage. 

Zero do you plunge your hand in the water with the bog roll to deal with underwater streaks?  Doesn't the bog roll just break up when it's wet? 

What about getting up under the rim to shift the limescale?  Toothbrush or just use your finger nails?

Ah, the bogs in my old place were absolutely rank after team beer and curry nights.

There was a sort of pride about it. ‘Christ you wouldn’t believe how gopping the khazis are now Stu AND big D have been in there.’ ‘I’d best go and check them out.’

Happy days.

Sailo - anything under the waterline will sort itself out, and the rest I leave to the cleaner

that's what bleach is for

ZG is correct, people with toilet brushes are WRONG

I literally can't sleep in a house with a toilet brush

I replace my toilet brush regularly, and I don't have gross skidmarks in my toilet.

Not if you leave bleach and water in the brush receptacle like everyone else.

Clergs drops her presents in neat waterproof wrapped tartan packages with bows on thus no skidders.

OK so I have a question for RoF's resident toilet brush dodgers. When you do a poo at work or in someone else's loo and leave skidmarks on the bottom of the bowl which don't disappear even if you flush a second time, what do you do? Just leave it for the enjoyment of the next person?

"I have never had skidmarks even from men"

Something about this sentence is unsettling and very wrong...

Bleach just hides some of the grot by bleaching the colour out of it.  I regularly pour in bleach and limescale remover and allow it to soak for a while before giving it a thorough scrubbing.

Next people will be telling me that they don't descale their taps and showerheads.

Lady P - what the actual fvck are you eating that your sh1t is so sticky?  Get some fibre in your diet for goodness sake!

The consistency tends to vary depending on my general state of health, what I've eaten recently and even my time of the month.

But if you're telling me yours are never sticky, you're a liar, and not a very good one at that. Don't try to pretend your shit is better than other people's shit. It's shit.

I have zero tolerance for remnants and so there never are any 

I don't know what to tell you, brushes are superfluous grossery

How are there not any? Saying you have "zero tolerance for remnants" but refusing to say how you actually clean off any remnants is like saying Brexit would be a success if we all just believed more.

You have made a turd debate into a brexit thing in one small heave.


This thread needs flushing and brushing. Then bleaching, slam the lid down, close the door, fill the house with petrol and light it.  Walk away and don't look back.

It's not so much of a stretch to use Brexit as a metaphor for a turd and vice versa, is it?

I am with clergs. I position myself such that any brown trout is released straight to the water. 

If it does touch the sides, as above, I use bog roll, but with adequate aim this isn’t necessary. 

Underwater skids go on the first or second flush. 

No poo smeared brush sat culturing next to the throne. 


I don't believe you, ZG.

Not least because you said "the rest I leave to the cleaner", which tells me that sometimes you leave skidmarks and just go, shrug, not my problem.

I second the bleach and bog roll approach to skids at home.  

To clean the bog proper I use a cloth and chuck it away afterwards.  

In work or other people’s bogs I use a brush if one is there.  

exactly what ZG and kimmy said

I can't really imagine a situation that necessitates regular physical contact


Not necessarily regular, but sometimes needs must.

Nobody else find that things turn explosive the morning after a big night out?  Definitely need a brush if you've sprayed the whole pan.

“The rest” referred to sailo’s point about bleaching under the rim etc. I am scrupulous about leaving the cleaner with no poo to deal with. 

Like clergs I simply do not allow or tolerate skid marks and that’s that. 

I don't really understand how "not allowing" or "not tolerating" skidmarks equals no skidmarks. What do you actually do to get them off?

Another for the no loo brush camp



(my friends mum just to wash their loo brush in the dishwasher)

I don’t tolerate them Anna. That is sufficient. 

I think you're just trolling now.

Ew @ Phoebe's mate's mum.

I wish I hadn't read that about the dishwasher, phoebe


Toilet brushes are fucking vile. Not only do they have festering shit all over the bristles, the handles have been in someone’s hand no doubt before washing. The key to leaving the bowl clean is to coat the water and sides of the pan with paper before sitting down. The more the better 

Quite apart from the unnecessary environmental waste, my drains would not cope with that. Obviously one washes one's hands thoroughly after touching the toilet brush handle (which is probably no more germ-laden than the door handle).

I tend to use rubber gloves for loo cleaning and wash them and my hands once I've finished.

the fuck is wrong with you lot?


I repeat

This thread needs flushing and brushing. Then bleaching, slam the lid down, close the door, fill the house with petrol and light it.  Walk away and don't look back.

I don’t touch bathroom door handles either. As for the waste, having a few more trees chopped down is a small price to pay for not having to use a toilet brush

I'm not sure the polar bears would agree.

FFS what is wrong with you people.

it never ceases to amaze me what a bunch of obsessive compulsive weirdos post on RoF. what kind of freak lines the bog with paper before crimping off a log or 3?

I doubt the ice caps are melting at a faster rate just because of my perfectly sensible approach to using a toilet

OK, related question. Do you put the lid down before you flush?

Er... no... but I'm gunna now I've thought about it...


*voms a little in mouth at the thought of years of poo spray over her*

Heh heh heh.

I have been a lid closer ever since I watched a video where some guys put some UV paint down the loo and flushed without closing the lid and then shone a light to show where the paint ended up.

Spoiler: Every. Fucking. Where.

I just flush from a reasonable distance to avoid direct splashing.

You people clearly have too little of real consequence to get worked up about 

On work bogs, there's an undeniable thrill in leaving a shitty mess everywhere for someone else to see, I bet loads of you straight laced, neurotic lawyers do this secretly.

No there isn't, that's fucking vile.

The civilized solution of course is having one of those hand held hose sprays near the toilet. 

One quick squirt of jet water and it's all clean with no nasty bog brushes. 

I certailny remember at Teheran airport with a lot of bags and ridiculously long clothing having to scoop the robes up high and then squat down (it was just a wee) whilst trying to make sure none of the cloth hit the wet floor and then use the side water thing (they don't use paper). Not easy if you are not used to it.


At home like most people we have a brush by each lavatory and yes I do clean the brushes fairly regularly too.

The civilized solution of course is having one of those hand held hose sprays near the toilet. 

They’re for blasting the smears from one’s ring aren’t they?

I put bleach and water in the brush holder, rinse the brush in the toilet bowl (after flushing) to remove any obvious crap, wipe the brush handle with an antiseptic wipe each time I clean the toilet, and throw the brush away and replace it when it's starting to look a bit sad.

League of Gentlemen shout.

A dirty brush is a useless brush!

Boris Johnson's hair would make a good toilet brush. In fact, Boris Johnson would make a much better toilet brush than MP.