Starmer's oil and gas ban

why doesn't he want to be Prime Minister?

It's so fvcking stupid.

I don't think it will have any bearing on him becoming PM or not, but you'd hope he's aspires to making the country less of a complete basket case rather than actively aiming to make it worse.

ofc it will! why would you vote for the guy who is going to multiply your personal energy bill, reduce the wealth of the country in general and enhance our reliance on despot regimes?

it would be better to have the Tories again

it would be better to have the Tories again
it would be better to have the Tories again

it would be better to have the Tories again

it would be better to have the Tories again

it would be better to have the Tories again

derp di derp

Orwell - clearly there are option besides "beggar the country"

the "French" approach of just not doing the legislation quite so literally because why taf would you do that seems the best option

The US is enjoying a decade-long economic tear built on the back of shale.

Lovely socialist, well-managed, electric car central, progressive darling Norway granted a record number of oil & gas drilling blocks last year. Mostly in the same sea.

North sea oil has a cascading impact on everything in our economy. We are an increasingly poor country that will only get poorer if we shut down one of the only large concentrations of high earning industry we have left. 

There is no future that doesn't involve using fossil fuels for decades to come and we are just going to be paying to import all of them. 

No, there aren't. The French regine is not the same. The government had its arse handed to them on a plate by the courts for failing to adhere to their obligations once already.  It will happen again. 

Starner is doing the only thing any government can do without admitting they intend to chuck Paris away by repelling the CCA. If the Tories get in again they have the same position.

it doesn't really matter what the courts do because the UK Government has the UK Parliament

well, assuming it has a majority ofc

nobody sane would prefer blackouts to just continuing as we are (the overall global outcome being the same either way)

Clergs, at the same time, wants a Tory govt and laughs at people who have a Tory govt 

The anti-vaccer, climate change denial brain function working in full swing there 


is this like when risky kept claiming not to be a tory?

clergs you don’t believe in climate change, oppose trans rights and hate the snp

who else are you voting for?

It's a blatant political ploy to try to grab some green-tinted SNP supporters, and young loony idealists, who believe in all the Net Zero bollix.

But he's going to alienate any sensible voter across the UK who actually pay gas and electricity bills.

So all in all it looks like a massive own goal by the hapless bloke.


yeah that sort of shyt does play well in Scotland (outside the economically productive bits) 

but I think once again Starmer misjudges the culture that prevails in the UK

the lol was at Davos/RR faod

You are so cringe these days with your seinfeldesque observations and middle aged lurch to the right. 

The lolling, I assure you, is all @ you. 

Correct right wing position is to wreck the economy and the planet as long as middle/late-aged property owners can maintain their lifestyle for a few more years. 

Centrist dads like me want clean, sustainable and domestic energy as a priority

If that means building wind farms all over the country then crack on 

Wind farms are sick 

it doesn't really matter what the courts do because the UK Government has the UK Parliament 

Yes, which is bound by the CCA until they repeal it. Seriously Clergs. If you are going to campaign for climate change, you need to at least understand the basics of the legal framework stopping you getting your way.

niche issue to get excited about

haters and enthusiasts in a tiny minority - most people wiol probably just think this is a mildly good idea, which faod it is. most people intrinsically don’t give a shite about the offshore oil industry, except maybe on the east coast of scotland

starmer is going to win the next election with madge450 no matter what anyone, including him, says or does