Stage 18 TDF

Surely today is a day for the break.  Given the downhill finish, I think the GCs will go hard but neutralise at some point, particularly after yesterday. 

true, be interesting to see if anyone has any legs left, ineos still want something but it won't be carapaz, maybe sivakov will have a dig

generally pissed of i expect, he is a best of a super dom, for the stage not sure, have you looked at that hc, it's not long but the gradient...

That HC is savage. The riders cannot have much left and then have to face that.

Goes through my favourite places in France today. La Clusaz and the Plateau des Glieres, at the top of that mental climb. Worth looking it up any of you French Resistance enthusiasts. If you are ever there, it's an amazing drive down into Annecy looking over the lake. Nice little melted cheese based restaurant up there too...


Big breakaway already 90 seconds up the road. Reckon a third of them will fall away once the sprint points are contested.  Hopefully Hirschi or Peter's Nan can help me out today. 

scrub that point on the sprint - they've already done it... those boys will be holding on and hoping to get some time in the bag ready for the second half of the afternoon where the broom wagon starts to loom.

Hirschi or Herrada for me and I'll get the bikkies.

Carapaz for the polkadot, does he gift the win to Kwiat?

if he doesn't it won't go well, he's never won a GT stage and he's got Carapaz that jersey today

what does “neutralise” actually mean in the way used in the OP?

but what if one of them goes

nah fuck that lads I’m off

depends, if it is of no consequence to them they might let one go especially on a day like this where it is more than likely they'll be passing him on the run in

Jumba have neutralised a few stages for the peloton by physically riding across the front and blocking the road and then slowing right down.  They do that for a few minutes and then Roglic takes a relief break and at that point the break is 5 minutes up the road. 

I didn't think Porte still had this type of effort in him.... solid effort.

Off the back of todays stage I'm in to the top 3....

We need more gravel. Probably fucks the riders right off though. Like I care.

i don't know jim, isn't about finding the 'best' all rounder, a bit of pave and gravel thrown in every now and again, i know it's a lottery with mechanical etc but it is fun to watch, plus they have lots of technical decents which suit some over others

Oh, the Tour De France. I wondered what all this was about.

Have been watching the athletics, myself.

That Duplesis polevaulting chap is phenomenal.

Question: If you've got a peloton (i haven't), could they do a program that simulates the TDF?

That may be the case csider but it also adds to the amount of luck to win rather than the "best" rider.