A spike in listed cos (particularly family controlled) going private

what does it mean or signal when you see a few companies, mainly ones that are owned or controlled by families going private? Like Merlin has just done? 

wondering if recession barometer but surely not with the debt you need to take on to pull that off

Tories did that a long time ago, well, for some people anyway (Help to Sell anyone?)


Merlin controlled by a family? News to me. As it happens we've just been away for the weekend with one of their creative types, news to her I suspect.

The world is swimming in cheap money to an unbelievable extent. People are coming up with all sorts of random sh1t to do with it.

It means the music is still playing and people are still dancing.  The music is likely to stop within the next 2 years I reckon and there is going to be a distinct lack of enough chairs for everyone to sit down when it does.

Public markets are madness. Companies need a good robust lead investor to avoid management going a bit off 

It’s the Lego family.  I’m assuming they might have a few quid down the back of the sofa.

Bechtel, Mars, Cargill. All private, multi billion dollar companies. They don't want or need corporate 'advisors' putting them in play, so to speak.

Chambo, that's private companies not going public, not public but significant single shareholder or connected group of shareholders public companies going private.

Heh.  Been years since I was involved in a take private.  More of a observer than a doer, of course.  Ah happy reminiscent moment.

Re companies going private and  'public markets are madness'  -   it has become really inconvenient for individual humans to directly hold and vote shares in public listed companies. When I went looking to do this a few months ago I found  the default and usually the only option is to nominate the stockbroker as proxy to get notice of AGMs and to vote.

End times? Or does it matter?


Yes indeed, and thanks for your good helpful info at the time I was searching, it was appreciated.

But as with bees, insects and birds, is the disappearance of Hayek's dentist investor one of the warning signs of The Last Battle?

Must admit I take the view that there's bugger all point voting at most GMs when institutions can't be arsed to actually think about what's the right way to vote the shares which come with running other people's savings.