Spare Room London

Wrong board, I know - but so much more publicity. 

Would anyone have or know of anyone who might have a spare room for lodging on an occasional basis in North-ish London over the next 2-3 months? I will be doing a London City role, but going back and forth to France (and can also stay at a family home from time to time, so would not be too imposing...


Many thanks.

there must be a market for this. Those commuting to and from London, doing 3-4 days in London and rest working from home. 

What kind of a HNWI needs a spare room? Do you not have a spare house of your own?

why spaff 2k each for a full flat if that can be reduced and shared with a like-minded HNWI

Indeed - though I don't believe I am  a HNWI.. But one of you many lawyers must have a nice spare room for a gent..


pity - if this had been a year ago this would have suited me very well 

there is no doubt a load of websites that match lodgers and landlords in these sorts of circumstances.

I understand that the majority of this sort of arrangement involve the landlord bumming the applicant.  HTH

Stru - turn back time.

Abbey - a generous offer, but I'll try to find a full bed first.


Tec - this is a bumming-free zone.



A high net worth French man only in London for a short time....


hi, I am Phoebe. Enchante 

Alas, Phoebe, I wish I could speak a second language so well - just an Englishman who prefers the weather down here. Net worth going down each day at the moment :)

She’s not fussy. Take her to an old man pub, buy her ale and whisper in a frog accent.  You’ll be well away mate. 

I know where there might be a vacancy fairly soon. Might be a more central that you’re looking for though?

Airbnb is not great - and certainly not for on-and-off stays...


Vaughan, do you have a location?


I have. They have one or two mon-fri lets, but not exactly what I'm looking for..