Listened to a bit ... Trump has the most monotonous voice ever.  It sounded quite Reaganesque but without the delivery.  There was a bit about choosing greatness, no matter what the mind kept putting in phrases like "no matter what the obstacles, except bone spurs or rain... you can't be expected to overcome bone spurs or rain"..

It was such an insincere speech and so at odds with his day to day performance... I don't know why either party made the fuss.

What about The Wall? Did he mention The Wall?

Listen to Anne Coulter!

Yeah, he did the wall and the crisis and the emergency (didn't stop him going golfing at the weekend)

Pelosi used the "dog walk clap" at the end...

Yeah and you can't have legislation if you have investigation apparently...  He's spending a lot of time at the moment saying he shouldn't be investigated....

...seems not to understand the oversight obligations of government at all....It would make more sense to complain about the investigation if the investigation didn't, ya know, keep getting people to plead guilty to crimes or get them convicted...and it hadn't more than covered its own costs.

That is brilliant.

I was sick of the canned emails from the Democrats soliciting contributions and told myself I would ignore them this year, but just on the basis of that photo alone I might make a donation ...

(And meanwhile Trump is like "I already said the word 'compromise,' so why can't they just give me what I want now?")

They didn't come up dracz...His presentation was very flat.  he is not comfortable with public speaking...



3-ducks06 Feb 19 09:26

Sounds like he bossed it tbf

Did you listen to it Dux?  It was 90 minutes long.  Is that your personal conclusion or are you drawing from reading something that said he bossed it?


And in today’s instalment of “Draco demonstrates that he is a gormless moron” our hero, unable to summon up the attention span to read an online news article, fails to notice that the news stories for each of his photos point out that the speech had the most partisan viewing breakdown since 2001, after Bush v Gore.

What Draco failed to get into his pointy little head was that the reason that the speech was well received was because the overwhelming number of people watching it were Republican Trump fans.

what a dipshit 

I didnt listen to it but funnily enough when Inheard a brief summary on the news I did think it sounded rather more statesman like than his usual trolling. Perhaps he had a speechwriter for it!

if you think so and that makes you happy, you just keep on keeping' on tiger.

Lol! Tell me what's wrong with your little photo there numbnuts

But it isn't the same, is it. Looks like you really are too dumb to know the difference

Supes  stop biting you are not going to change his opinion , 

Trump is a bully, a criminal, and above all a coward. Of course he’s going to behave himself at the SOTU. Plus he’s on the back foot having lost the House. It’s great beans.

It was a strange speech and way way too long.  There was the whole presidential "one giant step for man" bit which just sounded so so fake uttered by Trump.  It was a theoretical section about a notional unified country.  Not even Trump could believe he could ACTUALLY rally a nation behind him... mainly because he hates most of them.

Then there was the "furriners are coming" section, the Roe v Wade "full term bubbies are being murdered", the build the wall, lets have peace in the government (followed by "and you get this by not investigating me and giving me my wall".... lots of fact check nightmare land.  Trump has a fondness for the word "tremendous" which is odd.

There were some sentences which started one subject and just turned left (it's always left).... there was a bit about all babies being in gods holy image or some such phrase followed by and therefore we must have border security....

It was all a bit odd and he looked very uncomfortable. 

I read an article in the New Yorker about Trump not understanding that the art of being a President is about the art of drawing forces together.  That Trump thought the role had more direct power than it had.  And it was saying that Trump hasn't learned the skills he needs now and probably won't... which will piss off his base, who equally don't understand that a President is not a dictatorial role in the US political system.  This speech just seemed to confirm Trump was a little lost, he was with the people he needed to build alliances with and he was not comfortable even being there.


Why are you treating him as if he’s a career politician with complex motivations? He’s a crook, plain and simple. FFS

Here's a proposition for you fucknuts:

Trump wins in 2020 and I will never post on RoF again.

Anyone other than Trump wins in 2020 and you will never post on RoF again.




The insults aside, if the polling Dracz posted is for this year's State of the Union, it looks like a clear majority of Americans approved of it. Which is a legitimate point in Trump's favour. 

Erm, the Amurcans always approve of the SOTU

It’s a set piece FFS

I’m still not fully certain why he is so keen on this whole congress/wall funding thing.

Wasn’t it the deal that Mexico would pay for it? Have I just misremembered someone saying that?

I think that's distorted strundirk...because there was a large boycott protest so I suspect it was a republican audience.  That said it was 90 minutes so I also doubt a lot saw it was 9pm for the West coast. 

To my mind it doesn't matter.  It's what he does Friday that will judge this week.

"it looks like a clear majority of Americans approved of it."

Wrong. A clear majority of Republicans liked it, which is of course no news at all.

How Supes? 

Doggers' analysis may well be the explanation, but taking the poll at face value, it's a clear majority of Americans. 

97% of Republicans is what? At least 40% of all Americans? Probably more like 45%? 

30% of Democrats is what? 12-15% of all Americans? 

82% of Independents is what? Maybe 8% of all Americans? 

So my back of the envelope calculation suggests 65% of all Americans approved of the speech

The poll numbers are of people who actually watched the speech. How many Democrats or other people who dislike Trump do you think will have tuned in for 90 minutes to watch someone who makes their skins crawl talk shite?

The audience was self-selecting. It would be like polling all the attendees of a Nickelback concert whether they enjoyed the show and when a majority said that they did concluding that a majority of Americans approve of Nickelback.




The scary bit of all this is 2024....Will it be president Kanye west and flotus kim Kardashian.....

The scary bit of all this is 2024....Will it be president Kanye west and flotus kim Kardashian.....

"Besides, he'll only ever agree with polls that confirm his biases."


Do you have any self-awareness at all? Even just a tiny little bit?

As we have you here Draco, and as you appear to be something of a trump expert can you remind me of the name of the charity to which he sent that personal $1m cheque that he said on television he would make out if Elizabeth Warren took a DNA test and it showed Native American ancestry.

I know there must have been such a donation because he was quite clear that it is something that he said he would do.

Trump will win in 2020 - if he runs which is a big if - because the Democrats are going to put up someone they like rather than someone that might actually win some votes from (the mostly decent) "deplorables" in the fly-over states.

Thanks DPW, I'll read it (I mean, it's only in Democrats' imaginations that Kamala Harris or Kirsten Gillibrand can beat Trump, but it's them or someone like them who is going to get nominated because of that bubble). 

NFBC is going on hiatus for a while, but it'll be back - I'll explain next time I see you at ROF drinks. 

I'm going to start saving these little observations to gleefully trot back out when Trump loses the election by historic margins.

Supes: I'll bet you £100 that if Trump stands (ie, not resigned after doing a deal etc), he will beat any Democratic candidate. 

If the Dem candidate vs Trump is Harris or Gillibrand (or Hillary again - I believe she's still not ruled out running again), I am willing to bet £1,000 on a Trump victory. 

Bets off however if there is a third party candidate. Schultz or Bloomberg or Bernie etc.