So, who's happy with their tier?

Tier 2. Best I was hoping for. Not a disaster.

*looks at holiday homes in the Scilly Isles just in case*

Tier 2 for me, Clive.

Solid mid-table was what we were expecting at the start of the season.

oh just found the list.


I live in Tier 2, and work in Tier 3


not what I wanted but will take it

Just went to check on the website and I am in Tier 504 Gateway Timeout.

T2 despite half the average infection rate, one for VAR....

London is 2?  I disagree with having to have a substantial meal with a drink.

I believe business lunches/dinners still allowed in Tier 2.

I can foresee lots of those happening

Tier 2 despite an infection rate of considerably less than the national average.  

Interesting how Chiltern (infection rate of 76) is Tier 2 - I guess it's been thrown in with the rest of Bucks.  

Tier 2:  "Rule of six will apply outdoors".

Will be a pretty small ROF drinks in the park

Tier 3 - I'm very angry.  Within a 15 mile radius of my house there is absolutely nothing happening.  Being punished for data reported from further away where there will be zero mixing with people in this village, I can guarantee that.

Enough is enough. 

Work in Tier 3 and live in (a different) Tier 3 but 5 mins from a Tier 2 village with pubs yay!

If you are in london you should be delighted with the tier.

My understanding is the rules were / are that you 'assume' the highest Tier of the place you live or the place you travel to geographically.  

So my mates who were in Tier 2 during Oct could not, legally, visit me at my home in Tier 1.  

I guess the rules will be the same during this new system?

Likewise when Bumble Puppy date visited from London (Tier 2) into Home County (Tier 1) during October we technically broke the rules by going for a drink in a pub then back to my place (no...I'm not describing norks).  

We have an excellent village community spirit. 

I'm sorry I don't see the relevance of that to the government's tiering announcement...

Tier Chuffing 2, despite my local infection rate being lower than Cornwall....

So will everyone be buying carvery meals inbetweeners style?

Has anyone got the link to the actual regs?  Can't be arsed to find them for myself.  

Tier 2, which is what I'd been expecting, but is a bit **** when our local authority rate is lower than the Isle of Wight (with better hospital provision). Can't quite beat Dogwarden's 'lower than Cornwall' though. 




Only 1% of people in England to be in Tier 1

Some quick maths for you all: A total of 23.3 million people in England - 41.5% of the population - will be in Tier 3 from 2 December.

Around 32 million people - just over 57% of the population - will be in Tier 2.

And just 714,000 people - just over 1% - will be in Tier 1"

I guess my local Sam Smith won't be reopening then. I am curious how Wetherspoons would implement/enforce the substantial meal rule. Can a table of 4 order a couple of small bites (chips, nachos etc.)  at 6 and then keep ordering drinks till last call? Where's the line between "one substantial email per round" on the one extreme and, well, taking the piss on the other?

PP I was thinking the same thing . Common sense would suggest one meal to be ordered for the duration you’re there . But can you order the meal at the end of the night ( as the kitchen is closing, ahem! ) or does it have to be at the beginning on entry?

what if you go from 2-4, come back at 7 do you have to buy another meal? 
lastly what is the point of buying a meal does that stop the virus spreading ?

Tier 3 - I'm very angry.  Within a 15 mile radius of my house there is absolutely nothing happening.  Being punished for data reported from further away where there will be zero mixing with people in this village, I can guarantee that.

Enough is enough. 

This.  Only the radius is probably >15 miles.  Fucking fuming. Bastards. 

My understanding is alcohol can only be served whilst there is a substantial meal at the table and people are eating.  The pub is *supposed* to remove any alcohol from the table once the act of eating has finished.

So if you order a £150 bottle of wine and are only half down by the time you finish your food the waiter / waitress is *supposed* to take the bottle of wine away with them.  I would be very surprised if anyone tried to actually enforce that rule though.  

EP this is a dog’s dinner. Pubs are skint and need cash in the tills pronto . If they were to do this they may as well shut altogether. Also I order a pizza and a pint , finish both , do I have to order another pizza to get another pint ?!

Tier 3! Get in! 

You 1 and 2 losers aren't even trying.

Given pubs are skint and how important the December trade is Ebitda my suspicion is a lot of pubs, maybe not most but certainly a lot, will ignore the rules or maybe more likely pay total lip service (pack of crisps each or chips between 4 of you is a substantial meal sort of thing).

If it's a choice between survival or following the law I think a lot of pubs will pick survival. 

Oh, and is the substantial meal requirement only for drinking on the premises? I.e., Tier 2, can a pub just do takeaway pints?

@Ebitda.  Yes, you would technically have to order a 2nd pizza to have a 2nd pint.  

You could possibly get round this by 'stacking' - I'm not sure what the law says about that.  There is probably some sub-section to a sub-paragraph somewhere that says no more than 1 drink per person to be on the table at any time.  

Pubs and cafes are already flouting the rules.  My local lost interest in getting us to scan QR codes when it realised 50% of people were not willing to do it and would just go down the road to the next pub or drink at home. 

Depending on the person, surely you could say that each slice of pizza is a substantial meal? 

I didn't think the QR/ track and trace thing was a legal requirement? Well, they have to ask but there is no obligation on the punter to comply nor do they have to comply to gain entry. For example they can leave it at the door with a sign asking you to do it but if you sign in as M Mouse 1 Epcott Lane there isn't much they can or should do. 

I'm off to the pub Saturday week.  Friend has booked two pubs so guess we'll have a couple of pints with our first substantial meal at 4pm then a couple more with our second substantial meal at 7pm.  Might skip breakfast that day.

There was no legal obligation to do it.  I *think* this may have changed, but the rules change every other week so fuck knows.  

I was however refused entry to 2 pubs in central London on the day it came in.  When I pointed out there was no legal obligation they refused me entry, even though I offered to provide my details on a piece of paper.  



EP, if you are right about always having a meal whilst you are drinking, and the Pubs enforce it, they may well as close. It would be utter ridiculous if this is enshrined in statute. I guess the loophole would be , order Pizza and make it last for all the session.

Does eating a meal whilst having a drink reduce transmission?? What is the point, and who dreamt this up!.