So Who do you want to win Strictly

It is a toss up between Fay and Stacey for me, I don't like the American woman and Joe- who is he?

I think I want Faye to win, but I'd be happy if it was Stacey.

Agreed re Ashley - I just can't take to her.  Joe, as they have said repeatedly, is a YouTube Vlogger.  I quite like him but don't want him to win.

Stacey and Kevin for me.  Faye and Giovanni would be second choice.  

Part of me is kind of rooting for Joe

He was the least likely dancer in the whole bunch, proper zero to hero. 

Ashley won't and shouldn't win. She was a professional dancer ffs.

Faye is the most likeable, but Stacey is the best dancer.



yeah, I don't think Craig likes Stacey, so her points totals aren't as high as they deserve to be.

A fair point.  I don't know how you can not like her though - she's awesome!


I think Faye has been outed as a ringer. I like Joe but he isnt as good a dancer as Stacey.

Impossible for Ashley to win the public vote ( perhaps she should get the Final postponed??)

Heh at Minkie 

havent watched much of it but I love Stacey 

They all have a claim. 

I have ££ on Faye.

Joe seems like a good lad and, as a thatcher, has actually had a proper job, unlike the rest.

Stacey has improved greatly and seems quite down-to-earth.  

Ashley is by far the best dancer, yet also the clear underdog as the public hate her for being a "professional dancer". That wiuld normally be enough reason for me to cheer her on. She's also a total smoke show. On the other hand, she's a Yank so I can't support her.

Isn't Faye now outed as a long trained dancer too, just like the Yank?

Who cares? Are they suggesting there should be some sort of handicap system?

I thought about half the people they had on there were former professional dancers or at least most of those that got to the later rounds?

This is the first year I have watched it (fvck me what has happened to my life).  Ashley is better than the pros ffs (perhaps not technically in ballroom terms (I don't really know) but in terms of wow factor for sure). If it is in any sense a dance competition it is a complete no brainer that she should win.  


But she's really annoying and American and this is mainly a popularity competition, so she's got no chance.

People hate her because she's both smokin' and an extremely good dancer. They'd rather support a buffoonish underdog. 

"buffoonish underdog"

I would totes vote for u Tdx m7

I would like the least popular one to win just to irritate abs.