So was M Jackson a


I know he was aquitted, but in o the court of public opinion what do you think?

what a question - of course he was

the parties with children at his neverland ranch - hello?

The biggest disappointment of his life was when he found out that ‘Boys to Men’ was a band and not a delivery service.

In light of the revelations about Hollywood/showbiz/sport (eg me too / Cory Feldman re Cory Haim etc) whether theyask the question was Jackson himself abused as a child?

Can anyone recall the interview he did with Martin Bashir?  "Sharing your bed with children is a beautiful thing" etc..


Next stop: talking about Sparta.

One thing is for sure - if he were alive Elvis would have kicked his moonwalking @rse to Tupelo and back if he had gone anywhere near Lisa Marie

It's not a joke.  Paedos in court quite often come up with some guff about boys in ancient Sparta having to pleasure a soldier until they reached majority.  "Justification" of MBL. 

Tbf badders that sparta fact does sound quite like the greeks

He may not have been physically sexually abused as a child, but he was beaten and mentally abused as were all his siblings, so the path to inappropriate attachment in adulthood is clear and as someone who was plainly miserable most of his life he is to be pitied. But he'd have been convicted these days, absent the hush deals, imho.

Jacko was so completely lunatic and weird that it almost seems irrelevant to ask whether he also had inappropriate desires towards children. A total fruitcake with a lot of very dark urges.  

As to whether he ever acted on those desires, there are people who know but we are not allowed to be told.  

on my way home yesterday I was thinking the same thing. he was pretty much the most fucked up celeb that I can think of. hated his facial features, hated his skin colour

I wonder how come he wasn't a hate figure for self-respecting black folks. I mean he was the opposite of an emancipated black person