So the Students whose parents bought them access to University...

will they start being suspended?

For those whose SATs where supposedly cheated on or amended, it probably needs to happen pending further investigation, surely?

I would have thought for all of them.

Universities have started to dismiss staff, so they must have some prima facie evidence.... the students though appear intact.  Including those on sporting scholarships for sports they don't play...

It was the parents cheating not the students, so why would you suspend the students?

i think some students were in on it, others werent, or at least, that is what the authorities believe. Feel v sorry for any student whose parents did this without their knowledge, how do you come back from that?

Depends on exactly what happened in each case I suppose. Students may not know mum paid a bung to the admissions officer and just know they miraculously made it to Stanford. 

But for eg cases where they got sports scholarships for sports they don’t play can hardly have missed their attention

They got a place without the merits. Does it matter if they know? They haven't earned the right to be there and they deprived another student of the place.  Their place can be filled on  transfer by someone who has earned it.

If they are up to standard and turning in decent work then leave them be.

America is so expensive.  A decent bottle of claret and a few quid and a reference from the right chap would clearly have got them into Oxford or the like for a fraction of the cost!

It seems a bit infra dig.

If they're from such good backgrounds, why do they need exam results? 

I can see a case for letting students stay depending on the specifics of the scam, but if you were the student and it was splashed across the papers that your parents arranged to have your scores be marked up illegally, told the arranger not to have the score be so high that it arouses suspicion ("because, you know, we are talking about Patrick here ..."), and made sure to keep you in the dark so you feel good about yourself, wouldn't you be too embarrassed to stay? How do you face your peers?

so.... "decent" results make up for not having the right to be there?

What is decent?  Not failing. Top 20%? Top 40%?

They should take the university grades they have an re-apply on their own merits or transfer to somewhere that will take them.

I'm struggling to think of them as innocent victims, more enabled brats.

There’s always the possibility they are capable of getting in on their own merits but mummy and daddy just wanted to be sure... 

I think some Stanford students have been dis-enrolled.  It seems to be those on athletic enrolments.