So mad!

So my mate who stayed the other week asked to use my landline.  Fine I said and gave her some privacy.

She couldn’t remember the number so she called via 118 118.

17 minute phone call, £75 bill to me.  I mean come the hell on that’s insane.

Yeah, that is insane. I mean, I didn't know people still had landlines or still used 118 118, but yeah. Daylight robbery.

No mobile signal where I live so I have one, otherwise I doubt I’d bother.  But yeah.  Grr.  Ombudsman time.

The mate whose mortgage you pay, you mean?  She sees you as a cash point 


I know never to connect to the number via 118 118 because it costs more. They even tell you this when they're connecting you 

If you give people the impression they can just spend your money like water, don't be surprised when they do. 

Yes awful making charges that they tell you they're going to make.  As awful as a shop asking you to pay the price advertised on the shelf for the goods you want.

Did u manage the mother/daughter threesome yet Teclis? 

Tell her about the £75 bill it will add to the sense of obligation

Well I’ve never rung them so I don’t know if they tell you or not.  It was a local call ffs.

Heh @ icky 3sum idea.

Im deducting the amount from what I pay towards her mortgage.  

You seem to enjoy this menagerie of leaches, parasites and assorted ticks you/your 'wealth' has assembled.

It does seem a little steep.

Wtf don't you ask her for the money??

Well it’s just a temporary measure while she gets things sorted tricky.  Delays to benefit payments are an absolute shocker.  And she helped me out a great deal when I was very unwell and in hospital so you know...


I pretend on the internet to have been in a shadowy off books government department where I was tasered, having been a daily mail cup winning rugby star before boasting law, private equity and then being a fisherman in Cornwall.  I own 470 properties and date 18 year old's who don't exist whilst playing computer games.

WELL MAD ME!!!! LOL winkcheeky

Somewhat of a Tecco classic tall story.

Either someone in her situation would have had the number stored in her mobile and then just dialled it on the landline, or else she would have simply looked up the number on the internet and then dialled it.

Or was the call to an 'special' number in Hereford?

That's the only bit you aren't imagining me old sausage

Well I’m the one who had to go outside to make a phone call on my mobile this morning to directsave to figure out why I had no phone or internet access, so yeah tall story as you like but it was quite irritating to say the least.

... You are going to bill her, right? 

Do a proper invoice.

I’m just going to deduct it from the amount I lend her for her mortgage.

I don't want to get all judge Judy but 'give' her or 'lend' her? Judy /Richter will want to know in due course.

Bit of both.  Lending based on the assumption I probably won’t get it back but who knows these days.  If she can get properly back on her feet I know she’ll repay me but a lot depends on how she recovers her career.

They are, but given Mr Money Bags is paying her mortgage and finding her to travel about / eat out, I doubt she cares 

You are probably a kind hearted soul Teclis.

Who is being completely mugged over by the local trailer trash. They can spot a new cash machine in the village.

She lives in London mate, yeah being a bit mugged off but meh, can’t take it with you.  I’m hardly mega rich btw just vaguely comfortable and I don’t really spend much money so why not help someone in need.

No mobile signal where I live so I have one,


Well I’m the one who had to go outside to make a phone call on my mobile this morning

Yes?  No mobile signal in my flat.  So I have to go outside to use my mobile.  

Not sure what you’re getting at here.