So last night Trump ordered military strikes

against Iran.  But then changed his mind.

Oh good.

Heh - what a playa and a cheeky little scamp he is.

He has to up the ante from the border wall somehow.  Nuclear war with Iran is it.


He da mayn!

i thought he disapproved of middle eastern entanglements


He disapproves of brown people shooting down expensive military hardware more, it would seem.

He's such an utter capricious toddler.  And a total spunk bubble, to boot.

Wow indeed.  It'll no doubt take a lot of brown corpses to offset the loss.

He even contacted Iran to say it was going to happen, planes were in the air when he changed his mind. 

what an epic cockgoblin 


I prefer this from Peter Beinart:

"Even if you're a hawk who thinks wars in the Middle East tend to go well. That's insane but let's go with it for a second. Even if you believe that. This White House can barely issue press releases without spelling mistakes. You really think they can manage a war?"

And a lot of US servicemen/women. 

Back in the Rumsfeld days they were desperately keen to go after Iran and it took a lot of effort by US/UK intelligence to convince him that Iranian air defence capabilities weren't half bad and that they'd better order up a lot more body bags than they were factoring in.

So I guess we were 10 minutes away from what could have been World War III.