so Ian Huntley is not trans after all

it is not clear if The Sun made this up or if someone else tricked the Sun

what a weird thing to lie about

humanity is dreadful

He's still a child-murdering nutjob, right?  Don't want to lose sight of the important stuff.

yes yes I know but for a while "the discourse" was that he was now a woman called Nicola

people were banned from twitter for saying he was a man!

everything is tits mental

So are you not allowed to say someone is a man, even if they have a cock, anymore? 


What the fuck is wrong with the world?

I think all the youth dissatisfaction is specifically caused by all the identity insanity

up is down, black is white, everything is offensive (sorry for being anti-gravity exclusionary etc)

you know how hamsters sometimes eat their young in times of peril? I sort of want someone to eat me


I'd rather unleash an army of hamsters to eat snowflakes who think it's ok to censor anybody whose views may offend the overly-politically correct sensibilities of others. 

Christ on a bike. 


How is it an offence?  I mean, if a TG person was charged in court, they would have to give a gender, right?  I mean, they are legally either male or female, yes?   So how can it be illegal to identify somebody by their lawful gender?

wellll I don't know if the person in question has a GRC (and is therefore female for some, although not all, legal purposes)


it's still legal to say


it would be insanity otherwise

Yep.  Although reading that story, the arrest was about maliciously intended comments online rather than discrimination per se. 


Still - the principle holds good.  Unless you are legally recognised as a woman, you are a bloke.  And vice-versa. 

I think given that you can have a sexual assault in the street closed by email it is pretty fucking rich that they lifted her for this

also, twitter is replete with totally unchecked awfulness

are you aware of the acronym MAP? suggest do not google

even if a trans person has a GRC, it is legal to say you think they are their birth sex (as it should be)

I do not believe you can "feel" like a woman or a man. That's preposterous.

There was an assault case a while back where a women was asked  to use the preferred pronouns of her attacker by the judge.  I wrote here at the time that it made me very uncomfortable.  The judge was effectively directing the woman to lie under oath.

I remember that

When she was the victim

The whole thing was fucked right up

mind you, the courts require every juror to lie under oath so

well jurors are all there because the law requires it and if they don't do exactly as instructed they could be fined or sent to prison for contempt

so all of the guff about promising to discharge your responsibilities is actually for show

SOME people might be there for the noble duty but most are there because the alternative is clink

Errr, no.

That isn’t lying under oath.  

If the oath were ‘I am really glad i’m here and wouldn’t be anywhere else’ then it might be, but the oath is ‘I promise to do this job as best I am able’ - that’s something completely different.

Surprised you can’t see the difference.

if you cannot refuse to take the oath it is not an honest statement

So by that logic everyone who gives evidence is ‘lying’ by your definition as well?

Same thing - you may want to be there, you may not, but now that you do find yourself in court then you promise to conduct yourself in a particular way.