So apparently Finland is a hoax?

The main players in the conspiracy are Russia and Japan, and to start, we must go back to 1918 when Finland first got its independence from Russia. The notion goes that the two nations created Finland so that Japan could fish the sea that truly exists there without any environmental complaints or repercussions. The fish that are caught are then shipped via the Trans-Siberian railway (the real reason it was built by the way) "from the Eastern Russian coast to Japan under the disguise of 'Nokia' products."

"This is why Nokia is the largest 'Finnish' company, and it is also why Japan is the largest importer of Nokia products, despite the fact that very few people own Nokia phones in the country," the theory reads.

I met a finn the other day.  he appeared to be like every other finn I've ever met.


maybe they're mass produced robots to perpetuate the myth?


This is the kind of shit that 3 Dux and Draco would believe.

This had the ring of truth about it and no mistake. 

Hoaxers like to leave clues and if "Fin" ish for hiding behind a secret fishing pact isn't big enough I don't know what is.

and there's the fact the supposed language doesn't share the origin of any other European tongue. 

I wonder where I actually was when I was in Helsinki then 

nah clubbers,  Finnish people don't exist.

Well, the people do really exist and genuinely believe they are in Finland, but are actually from small towns on either the eastern part of Sweden, the western part of Russia, or the northern part of Estonia. 

Helsinki, Finland's largest city and capital, exists in eastern Sweden.

finnish is linked to Hungarian is it not? Uralic?




they are grouped because they don't relate to european languages but they nothing in common

you may ask, surely the countries around the world know about this, so why do they go along with it? Well, young pup, the answer is staring you right in the face. At first, everyone went along with it because Japan and Russia were getting along. But, over time, Finland became much more than a simple placeholder name for a hidden section of ocean; it became an ideal.

No real country could so consistently place first in education, healthcare, gender equality, literacy rates, national stability, the least corrupt government in the world, freedom of the press,. It's a concept for countries and people to aspire to.

Simply put, Finland is the world's holiday girlfriend that totally exists you guys.

Sumo you know that Australia no longer exists either? Explains the recent exodus of Aussies from the board.

I've visited "Australia" many times and can confirm that it's just a vast outdoor swimming pool belonging to New Zealand.

Makes sense  Dux, cos if Australia actually did exists where everyone says it is, all the people trying to visit would fall of the edge of the world before they got there.

It's them global illuminazis playing us ordinary folk for fools!

Finland is too far north to be consistent with a flat earth.  Therefore fake.

Yep, the so called Finnish Russian war was in reality a war between Japan and Russia over fishing rights

Jap moved so many men over to Eastern Sweden that they lost the  Pacific war against the Yanks

Stalin so absorbed over the fishing right issue that he overlooked the threat from Hitler 

You are SO cute*.  








*I'm saying this in a totally patronising way, I don't want there to be any confusion.