Snow Crash

Anyone read it?


Any recommendations for similar?

Not quite the same but I enjoyed China Miéville's Kraken and The City & the City...

just had a quick look, sounds interesting - same sort of "transport you into another world" type of thing right?


Kraken is an OTT swipe at weird cults and how they can be entwined into the very fabric of our world... ...City & the City is a clever crime novel using the vehicle of twin cities and the psychology and social ramifications of 'not seeing' each other.

Love it.

If you like Neal Stephenson then consider the ‘Baroque Cycle’ - one of the best things that I have ever read, but weighs in at over 2,500 pages so not a quick, easy win.

There’s also his Cryptonomicon, which is shorter but it helps if you have read the Baroque Cycle first.

ah OK I will check those out - currently working through Seveneves 

Read it. READ IT NOW.

It's great.

Not quite as good as Diamond Age, which is simply amazing, but it's still very good. Some top characters. Great fun.

I find Meiville a bit up himself.

The other Neal Stephenson stuff, assuming you've not read any, as follows:

Cryptonomicon: Interesting. A bit more "grounded" that some of the other stuff, but some nice ideas. The ending is a bit weird. To my mind, it went a bit "stream of consciousness" and I found it a little disappointing.

The Baroque Trilogy: Possibly one of the greatest things I have ever read. Just unbelievably good. 

You might enjoy early Alastair Reynolds, if you don't mind a bit of Space Opera. The Revelation Space trilogy (Revelation Space, Redemption Ark, Resolution Gap) are, in order: Good, but occasoinally dull, possibly the greatest piece of far future sci fi ever written, and OK but a bit ofa disapointment after the second one.

His Galactic North collection is also v good, and Zima Blue collection, if you can get it.

Steer clear of his Blue remembered Earth series, which are woke crap, mainly consisting of people drinking chai in space and trying to save elephants while being convincing african starship captains written by a welshman. Not a shadow of a figment of a patch on his earlier stuff.

House of Suns is good. Pushing Ice is shit. Century Rain is shit. The Prefect was OK.

If you want some James Bond in space, with aliens, Neal Asher is your name. Any of them. All good. Except Cowl. Skip that one.

And, of course, you're up to date with Charles Stross' Laundry Chronicles and Ben Aaronovitch's Rivers Of London, right? (later again a bit woke, but good fun).


Not good enough. Move it to the top of the list, pls.


If the tech side tickled your fancy in Snow Crash then I'd recommend:

William Gibson Sprawl trilogy (Neuromancer, Count Zero and Mona Lisa overdrive). 

Michael Marshall Smith Only Forward

Tad Williams Otherland series- although he could badly do with an editor with a red pen

I'd also put in a shout for Zodiac which was Neal's second novel