Small, neat, sealed, hygienic indoor bin for kitchen waste

recommendations pls. Contrary to what GoT calendarally and ecologically inaccurately says, it is actually summer that is coming and, for my small inner-city kitchen with no natural ventilation I am highly motivated to find a bin from which the smell of orange peels genuinely does not escape. Wang, you promised to come back and tell us about the indoor composter Mrs Wang found, how's it going along?

I've got a John Lewis kitchen bin with a touch open and close lid.  It's currently got two very ripe bananas in it and can only smell them if it's open.

the only ones that actually do this are Simplehuman bins. You can get them at John Lewis.

Tricky, I do like the dutch kitchen waste bin they have given me for recycling, but I hardly use it as I pretty much eat everything I buy and don't produce much waste.

I have a small counter top bin for food waste (our council mandates food waste is separated). I empty it daily. It doesn't smell 

We have the joseph joseph caddy which has a smell filter thing on it.


Sorry - I did post the name of it on the other thread but have forgotten it.  it is ace - my old dear set off with a huge two bags of post for her allotment.  if you type home food composter into amazon you will find similar

They do dux but that's the one the bin men empty - it sits around for a week at a time. I don't want it in my kitchen. That lives outside and I empty food waste into it daily 

and nary a summer goes by without it going maggoty

My food waste bin makes me heave, I hate it.

I looked at the one Wang recommended before (can't remember the name of it or find it on Amazon) but remember it being a few hundred quid

The Joseph Joesph one looks good - might give that a try!

Our council provides a small one to keep in the kitchen and a large one which they empty weekly. Tbf rubbish is something they do quite well though it involves us doing a lot of the sorting and separating for them.