sliding into someone’s DMs
a perfectly no… 27 Feb 20 15:59
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is there supposed to be something wrong with this?

Will you end up on a register if that someone doesn't consent to the sliding?

Hi - I noted that you tweeted that you'd had a glass of wine and are lonely (I set up alerts for that sort of thing).  I'm a 43 year old lawyer, from the NE and might once have been an Olympian (but for a lack of ability/talent).  We should hook up.


I can travel to you - I googled your name and see you live 90 miles away.  I can be there in 2hrs.



Just let me know.  I'm sitting in my car now.



I am waiting.


Still nothing.  This feels a bit rude on your part.


I am leaving now.  Please DM me along my route - post code and door number.


I'm in your village now.


I've asked around - something things you live on Earlton Street, by the Sainsbury's Local.  I will wait there for you.


I've been here 2 days now. THis is really not on.  I think if you're going to lead people on like this you should have the decency to send some nudes.


Here's a photo of my cock to get the ball(s!!!!!!) rolling.

Now send your bits.

is there supposed to be something wrong with this?

Other than a lack of originality?

lack of originality is not a negative

this thread is excellent and so is the other one


This one is indeed better (another heh for Jellymonster)

Doc Martens, a type of boot that you slide into. hth

Doc Martens

They're a brand of boots, popular with some of your skinhead friends.


Direct Messages - basically a freak show man sees a female on twitter, checks her profile pic, stalks her timeline then think if she hasn't locked her DMs to followers only it's appropriate to send a "hi - I saw you're single.  I'm single too.  We should defo hook up".  

I'm told if you're female on social media you get these unsolicited pesters and it can be exhausting. See also men who see a woman on public transport with headphones on and think it's cool to strike up a conversation.  They'd never just open up a chat with a guy in the same circs.  "ooh, you've got Sennheisers - good choice - I'm a big fan.  What sort of music are you listening too...."

Jelly if anyone said "What sort of music are you listening too...." to me on public transport I would be forced to correct their language. It is listening to, not listening too in this context.

you could, obvs, pick that up from the intonation two!

The only DM sliding I get these days is on twitter, and it's always an (alleged clearly they are actually bots) US marine or veteran with loads of Stars and Stripes and pro trump all over their profile (followers - 3)

they are not good at pitching these things 

yep, its an elongated oo sound. I am a superhearer.

Also whoosh.

There are two to(o)s as it is listening to too.

Which sounds like what Jellymonster will be wearing too.

How many are people getting that it becomes 'exhausting'.  Seriously?

On the face of it, it seems a harmless enough thing provided the messages are now more than a polite 'how YOU doin'' but I guess if people end up getting 50 a day or something it becomes irritating.

Donny Darko has 3 followers, pro-trump stuff and is a former Marine, it seems.

I guess it's a good way to find someone pliant - if they respond positively to your witty how YOU doin' then they're precisely the simpering fool you crave.