Ski Boots

I am buying some




Any recommendations in London of where to get them. The Snow and Rock deal of 65% money back if you dont like them seems very good.



think about doing it in resort and trying before you buy?


I am going to hire this time but tried on some lush Salomon ones in Decathlon at the weekend. Quite tempted. Only £119

Pro Feet in Fulham. Do not buy them anywhere else in the UK. Ski boots are far and away the most important bit of ski kit that you will own. They need to fit and they need to fit properly.

If you buy them in resort, make sure that you go to a proper boot fitter and not just a shop that sells boots inter alia.

Thanks Supes. We are probably going to go back in Feb (maybe...) so might check them out before that.

Proper boot fitter in a resort - so you can go back and get things like punches done

The only problem I see in using a boot fitter in resort is that it takes time out from a week long ski holiday.

If you can get the heavy lifting done before you get to resort, you can usually find a boot fitter there that can sort any niggles out as they occur. 

Second Pro Feet.  I've bought a few pairs so ski and snowboard boots and they are the only people who spent several hours measuring my feet including recording pressure points, etc. and then showed me boots that would fit rather than the boots I liked the look of.  As a result I have my first pair of boots that fit like a glove and are really comfortable to ski in and the only downside is they are seriously uncomfortable for walking around or sitting around not skiing.

and the only downside is they are seriously uncomfortable for walking around or sitting around not skiing.

Ah yes, the classic "my feet are stuck in concrete" walk to the bar...

Take your boots off before you get to the bar. Only goobers wear their boots off the hill.

Yes I usually go back to the accommodation and ditch the boots before heading to the bar.

Supes & Summersails


Thanks for this - I have seen Profeet all over my Youtuibe recently as I have been watchingt ski videos alot. Well actually Ive just been watching the resort segment from "Days of my Youth" about 10000000 times over (if you havent seen it go watch it now and come back and tell me how amazing it is...I know!)


In  resort is not one for me as I am keen to maximise mountain time and feel that I would rush it all a lot more in resort. 


The only thing that put me off Profeet is they dont seem to have such a competitive offer when it comes to returns. 


I have 2 priorities


1. Fit

2. Lightweight


simple as that 

Also which option did you select as it seems you pay for the service as well as the boot. That does start to make it a very expensive outing and the risk gets higher if you dont like it once on skiis


Take your boots off before you get to the bar

Depends if you're halfway up the mountain for lunch or not, hmm? :p obviously into snowboots for après ski...

I have really narrow feet which has always been a problem and traditionally I'd find ski boots that were the right length and fit round the calf but my toes and forefoot would be wallowing around even with them done up as tight as they'd go.  ProFeet has the best selection I've ever come across of lower volume boots that fit people like me.

When you say lightweight are you looking for some special ski touring lightweight boot as I can't say most boots are that heavy these days?

Having always had trouble getting stuff to fit I was happy to spend the extra on someone who'd spend a couple of hours looking at my feet and testing insoles, etc. to get a boot that actually fits rather than going through another simpler fitting process where I get to the mountain and find my heels lifting even with my boots done up so tightly I can't feel my feet.

I would say that if they put you in a boot that you end up not liking that the problem would be with the way you ski and not with the boots that they've sold you. You will always have a niggle here and a niggle there and they will be able to sort those out for you.


I went whole hog. They did all the analytics and gave me a few pairs to try on and then I picked one. Make sure that you are honest with them about your ability and likely use of them. If you are going to be spending all your time on the front side of resort then say so (and vice versa). You don't want a soft squishy free ride boot if you are going to be mostly hooning down bulletproof hardpack.

Boots in a mountain restaurant are obviously OK. Boots in a restaurant in the evening in town is bit OTT.


Personally i always carry my boots to and from the hill in a rucksack and change back into comfy shoes as soon as the skiing is finished for the day.

I will be starting to do more skinning soon but generally I ski all over. On piste, off piste, a tiny bit in the park and this will increase also (although largely at Hemel or MK) which makes it difficult to know which way to go ski boot wise and does make me wonder about hiring for the next few trips. 






To be fair sounds like you need more than one pair of boots in any event.

I used to board but have gone back to skiing but will still board in the right conditions.  I sold my board on the basis there's no point hauling it to the slopes on the off chance I use it for a day or two and it's enough of a pain taking two pairs of boots.  If you're going to be doing lots of different bits then I'd buy a boot for the type of skiing you do most of and then hire the other types as and when needed.

Yup, you can either buy one pair of boots that will do each of those things adequately or you can get multiple pairs.

Just get some strolz boots . You won' regret the cost or the time invested

Heres a tip - whatever you buy, also some spare boot treads in case you end up skiing somewhere with lots of walking. The website Anything Technical is v good.

a couple of years back a lady in the boot shop was asking about treads and was told that at 6 years her boots were too old for spares and she effectively had to chuck them away, she was furious.

Never heard of them and that brand name is pants but they look really premium!? Are they a spin off from one of the bigger brands? Like Bolle

A propos of this thread, does anyone know when Ski Sunday might be gracing our screens again?!

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Never heard of them and that brand name is pants but they look really premium!? Are they a spin off from one of the bigger brands? Like Bolle


Genuine lol at this. 

Not much use to anyone who doesn't ski in Austria though is it?

ive been skiing nearly evry year for last 20 or so years and I cant recall ever having seen that logo?!


are we sure the name hasnt been very recently rekindled after a signfiicant time out of the market?


Their history seems to stop at a boot at 1985???

I have been skiing since 1974 and have also never heard of them, nor am I aware of any FIS competitor, past or present, wearing them.

I'm a ski instructor and never heard of that bunch. I do have an interest in gear so have heard of most. They also seem a little on the pricy side. I think I will stick with black diamond for now. 

Ok so it is a US brand pretending to have deep austrian heritage

Only seen strolz in st anton. Defo not necessary

i got my boots done in the US (shout out to ski tek in Ketchum if you’re ever in the area) but have had repairs done at pro feet and was happy

would also recommend getting them to make you a pair of custom removable boot orthotics - great for when you can’t be bothered lugging your boots on a short trip, you can just stick them into rental boots and it makes it much more comfortable 

Heh! My first ever pair of properly fitted ski boots were bought in Ketchum as well

My second home supes. Won’t be there til spring this year and am having massive missing-out jealousy as the ski season gets started. 

I grew up there (well, all of my summers at least), but haven't been since Winter 1993. My father still lives in Warm Springs.

Used to work at the Sawtooth Club.

Not sure that I'd recognise it any more. 

When my parents divorced my dad bought a place in the Prospector, right on the river in Warm Springs. During school term we lived with my mother in California and from 1975 to around 1984 we'd spend three months in summer and usually Christmas and at least one other week in the winter skiing.


Sawtooth club is still there and going strong!

its so beautiful in summer, we’re going for a few weeks this summer, really looking forward. 

Mr tc often talks wistfully about us moving there to live for a few years 

A bunch of my m9s have Strolz and swear by them.  I've been wanted a pair for years but getting them seems a hassle.

And yes, they so don't look special and have no flashy branding.  Which is good.  Doubt they could keep up with demand if the Moncler set decided they wanted to show them off.

Okay so my two pence worth. For context, I am a qualified ski instructor and have spent a lot of time in my boots. I'm sure that the people with Strolz love them, but they have a crap dealer and therefore support network and literally not a single ski professional I know uses them. That said, pretty much nobody makes crap boots and a lot of them are made in the same factories. I just don't see any point in veering away from one of the major brands, their support, research and testing unless your feet really don't work with anything else.

Yes go to a proper shop and try on a bunch and see what you think. Do not focus on brand, focus on what fits you the best. Also don't focus on flex numbers as there is no industry standard as to what they mean anyway. One company's 130 might be another's 110. Take your time trying them on and if something doesn't feel right walk away. You will probably have to set aside at least half a day for this.

I have two pairs one Technica and the other Black Diamond. One was from a fitter in resort and the other from snow and rock. Both worked out super comfortable.

from personal experience it seems there is no point someone recommending a brand as if it works for you it wont necessarily work for someone else because of fit.

i found SureFoot v good in resort. Visit 5pm, have them mould tech very high tchnology and collect at 7 pm and ski next day. Revsisit for tweaking.

i did this and all good. The next season there was a problem, fortunately in a diff resort with a surefoot shop, they still did what was needed.

would heartily recommend. No lost skiing whatsoever other than the second visit when i said i had skieed over in them from the next resort in order to get to shop and bloke said you idiot you should have just tightened them haha silly me. And lo was true. Pain vanished.