Sir David Attenborough is just a tv broadcaster

I agree with Madely. Attenborough as spent the last 60 years flying round the  taking pictures of animals that he tells us we should be banned fomr travelling to see for ourselves. 

It's a fair point actually. He is just a broadcaster. He's not a scientist. That said, he's used his celebrity status to the greater good and reached literally billions of people, who might otherwise have remained unmoved by climate change, loss of habitats, and other dangerous phenomena.

Define "not a scientist":

From the article:

Sir David obtained a degree in Natural Sciences from Clare College, Cambridge in the 1940s. He went on to receive 32 honorary degrees from British universities as recognition for the work he has done.

I'm not sure an undergrad degree really qualifies him, otherwise Laz would be an historian. What I mean is, he doesn't make a living from scientific research.

Actually I don't have an undergraduate degree in Law, so gr8 self-pwning there.

Dux I thought you did the 2 year course at my college which was an undergrad degree iirc altho would have been elevated to fake MA by now...