Singers / groups you love ... but you can't stand their biggest hit

uninterested in arguments about what is or is not the actual biggest hit.  Their iconic / top 3 song will do, you know what I mean 

ABBA - dancing queen. It's a weak song and one of their worst 

Queen - bohemian rhapsody. Don't like it. Never have. 

bryan Adams - everything I dooooo  - urgh  



Can’t say I love her, but generally respect and like  Whitney Houston. Can’t stand I Will Always Love You.

Didn't she also do I believe the children are our future?


My view is coloured by having to do it as a school concert performance but I am not sure it's a good song anyway

I still don’t understand how the song managed to go from “children are our future” to “self-love is the greatest love”.

Bohemian Rhapsody has to be pretty high on my list

Pretty much anything McCartney did without Lennon to restrain him

Love me do is another one 

Ebony and Ivory ( not sure this was a hit) The mawkishness still makes my skin crawl 

But linda, it doesn't seem like the singer is talking about teaching children to love themselves. In between, there are a lot of words indicating that the singer has shifted the attention to himself/herself: "I learned to depend on me ... I decided not to walk in anyone's shadow ... they can't take away my dignity ... the greatest love is happening to ME ..." 

So why does the song start with children?

PP I will try to lit crit the lyrics if you wish but I'm not sure they stand up to it, which is not the point the song is still immense 


it's not one moment in time, but it's in her top 3

Gary Glitter

"c'mon, c'mon

c'mon c'mon

2, 3, 4"

No not-m8! No!. 2,3 & 4 are still too young. 

Chambers you appear to have misread the thread title 

I'm not a great fan of their other disco stuff Hools, though I know its popular amongst some.

Sister Sledge

Some classic Nile and Bernie funk. But We Are Family is absolute gash.

I love the Stone Roses. Most people seem to think Fools Gold is their biggest hit. Can't stand it is too strong, but it's boring.

I loved REM in the 80s but didnt really like Losing my Religion so much.  It’s ok, but nowhere near their best imo.  

Also Marillion - Kayleigh and that Lavender’s Blue abomination are dreadful.  

‘Mama’ was Genesis’ biggest UK hit and while it is not bad it could hardly be described as anything like their best song or representative of their body of work.

bob marley

I don't like redemption song (don't know if it was his biggest hit but it's well known anway!)

Oh god yes good call. Can't stand money for nothing. Love dire straits and Mark knopfler solo stuff 

Thank you for your concern Bernstein. I'm always the same.

I remember an off-guarded comment from Keith Richards where he said I know we have to play the same old shit at the start and end of concerts, but we can mess around with all kinds of stuff in the middle.

Oh, linda, your other thread reminded me:

George Michael - Careless Whisper

(Again, can't say I love him, but think he's extremely talented. Hate that schmaltz of a song.)

I dont like the song much either, pp, and agree with you about GM.  

Strutter is that a line from American Psycho or just a parody? Good work either way.

I was going to say that strutter talking about Genesis is a bit Patrick Bateman-y.

I love Bruce Springsteen's earlier work. Songs like '4th of July, Asbury Park' sh1t all over Born in The USA.

What Bernstein said about McCartney.

the best version of "The Children are our Future" is by Sexual Chocolate

Today by the Smashing Pumpkins gets on my tits a bit, because before then, in the Gish era, I could go full hipster and say "You've probably never heard of them". And, indeed, in front of the lower 6th English class, Chris Marshall actually said "Who the f&&& are they?", at the first lesson when we were introducing ourselves to the year, and there were new girls present,and everything.

I have never forgiven him. The rage burns deep, even after 25 years.

When Today was released though, Oh, look, all the cool kids sudden like Corgan and co. Fashion victims. So sad, really. 

Then the pumpkins f'd things up by releasing Adore, which was awful. The second half of the second disc of Mellon Collie really should have warned us that it was going to be awful.

And they never got back on form after that. I went to one of the Machina gigs at the NEC. Worst concert I've ever been to, and I don't say that lightly: I've seen L7 and Shed Seven. 

Compare and contrast with the Siamese Dream tour, when they played Wolverhampton Civic Hall. That gig was a thing of unutterable beauty.

And they never got back on form after that.

Not quite true. Everlasting Gaze and other bits of Machina I/II are up there with the best.

Linda: Yes, indeed, totally with you on that. Apologies. 

Fred: I'll grant you Stand Inside Your Love. That was good. I'd lost so much faith by Machina 2 that I've never been able to fully listen to it. Just the thought of what had been lost by Adore made the listening experience so uncomfortable that I couldn't focus on it. I'll try to give it another go.

To which some people might say "Bloody hell, Shooty, it's only music!". If so, then I simultaneously envy your ability to not get caught up in it, and lament the fact that it's never meant that much to you. Perhaps you're obsessed by football? For some of us, music is like that.

I bought Corgan's solo album. Jesus wept, that was awful. Even worse than the James Iha album. I should have been warned by the cover of the Iha album that it was going to be folksy 70s twaddle, but I thought "This is the man who co-wrote I Am One and Siamese Dream. He shreds. It's gonna rock." How wrong I was.

Lyric and Honestly from the Zwan album were OK.

It puts me in mind of the facebook group, set up when someone compared The Downward Spiral with the mess that came after it: 

"Dear Mr Reznor, please lose the girlfriend and get back on the crack"

Anyway, it's all about Taylor Alison Swift now.

Surely the greatest recording artist of the last 30 - 40 years. 


I am deadly serious.