Simon Barnes article help pls
Wang's Upon a Time 29 May 23 21:51
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Some wise roffer* once posted a beautiful article by simon barnes on the essence of sport: him playing cricketball in the garden with his son.

I can't seem to find it - any better googlizers on than me?

*tbf it might have been a complete berk who posted it, who can recall

Yeh it’s ok but not earth rocking. I stopped reading him when I realized all his columns were the same. Sampras/Henin/etc is worried about perfection. But he/she has gone beyond perfection, having already perfected perfection, leaving only the perfect pursuit of something beyond perfection that only the perfect can understand in their perfect way zzz…

Spot on 

What sport is about 

Is not sitting silently in an empty stadium owned by human rights abusers, it's about shared experience and memories

And it's about enjoyment. Kids remind us of that 

Yeah I do tend to find all the “generalist sports intellectual” writers a bit pseudy - Barnes, Matthew Syed, Ed… Smith? The former cricketer.

However wang is right, that’s a lovely article. Wish I got time to play sport in the garden with the kids.

Time cannot be made. Time is what it is and is ever insufficient. The myth of control over one’s time is just that.

Ha, yours is internet fantasist mentality sun as well u know. Life is drivel, gotta fight it relentlessly.

Can’t play with my kids in the garden while on the train, as u would understand if u had a real life sun

A very rare agree with Amiatory 

Life is a series of decisions 

Make yours but don't moan about them

It’s a great article.

I play football and cricket in our small garden loads with my 12 year old and 10 year old. Also go to work on the train 5 days a week but there’s always time. Best thing about Covid is that it meant no one ever bats an eye when I wander out of the office at 4pm. 

as spoken Davos m88, always be moaning, always

venting is a primary coping mechanism of the truly resilient

stoics always blow up and get cucked in the end

Laz, this morning's Daily Stoic could have been written for you:

Until I know what a person is working for, I can't deem them industrious... I can if the end they work for is their own ruling principle, having it be and remain in constant harmony with Nature"

Epictetus, Discourses

After I got back from the famous lido yesterday I played badminton in the garden with the kids.  It would have been cricket, but they had knocked 6 tennis balls into the neighbour's garden the day before