Silly stuff that annoys you irrationaly
RollOnFridayPingu 25 May 20 22:00
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Spice Girls hot Wannabe

at the end when they sing SLARM instead is SLAM


Literally anyone during the morning commute.


cake forks

why the fuck are special tiny forks for cake a thing

Actually that was harsh as everything is annoying me tonight.

Cake forks are ace as you avoid sticky fingers covered in icing.

E-scooters are going to be everywhere soon. I might get one with a diesel engine and a dump valve.

oh I love cake forks,


through some forgetful gift giving by Mummy Caulfield I have 12 of them

Fuck off pancakes, I love cake forks and also have 12. They're good for mashing avocados too. #millennialwithcakeforks


I feel conflicted over the oral b ad solely for the bike scene 

The end of baby wipes packs, when the wipes stick together making it impossible to remove one handed. So annoying mid change of a dirty nappy 

do you mean pastry fork?

I love a pastry fork! but they're designed for right handers - u use the bigger tine to cut pastry and the little kinked end is perfect for scooping up residual cream at the bump/lip part of the plate.  I LOVE 'em.

ML - babywipes are a lifelong thing. U can use them for cleaning white charging cables of phones (or any white power cords that get grimy) and they're amazing for removing kids' face paint.


Puddings that require a spoon and fork to eat them because I use my fork and spoon left handed so can’t use both at the same time.

That Claudia Winkleman shampoo advert that's been running for what seems like about three years

When one of your subordinates shares an Excel document with you and as you go through correcting their mistakes in data input you realise they hadn't put any formulae in it so that none of their totals now add up.

That's not irrational at all, Phoebs.

See also people who don't format their contracts and people who don't make their PDFs searchable.

"Oh but it would have made the file too big!"

"Yes, it's a fucking long document, that's why I want to be able to search for key words rather than having to skim the whole fucking thing."

What about people who don't know how to do any of that?

significantly overweight male cyclists who wear lycra and ride a £5,000 bike like they were doing the fucking tour de france - except they are really slow so hold everyone up for fucking ages on country roads.

What guy said . And people who are late , both friends and colleagues. “ how long will you be ?, Er 2 minutes “ just say 10 mins FFS 

Wellies for anyone other than farmers or dogwalkers in proper rural areas, i.e. not Wimbledon common, or people mucking stables such as horsey folk

high waisted skirts or trousers on anyone other than a size 0 person.

1. TV presenters who have their top button done up with no tie. 
2. “but how do I keep my mouth healthy?” FECK OFF WOMAN.

I’ll think of more in a bit 

People who state, on threads about irrational hatreds, that some of the hatreds mentioned are actually rational.

People who state, on threads about irrational hatreds, that some of the hatreds mentioned are actually rational.

Your aversion sounds quite rational to me ... 

Save to say, PP, that they are usually right...

All of those nauseating TV ads with people Zoom calling each other and generally being wonderfully happy pursuing indoor activities and working from home. 

As ever, wot Guy said.

A country road is not the personal gym space of any cyclist, even if it does have a nicely challenging incline, just pull over ffs.

Americans saying:

- I could care less; and

- If I would have known I would have said something. 

The latter annoys me much, much more. 


- people who send me documents without cross-references set up - you are wasting everyone's time;

- people who talk about the gym a lot; 

- people who talk about their children - we get that you love them but no-one else does. 

Oh, and finally* people who think the Russian President's surname is pronounced "Pyou'tin" and that Vlad is short for Vladimir**. 


* Probably.

** Vova is short for Vladimir. Vlad is short for Vladislav. 

My surprise when a mid-level exec car approaches and fails to indicate it is turning left. (Why the F am I surprised)

Airlines who get you onto the plane before announcing a delay to take off due to technical issues (usually the pilot is still sobering up). Now they have you trapped in a metal tube without access to alcohol, whereas if they had left you in the terminal building, everyone would be getting drunk. (I know this makes sense, but it's still annoying)

Thought of one more: the Americanisation of dates (eg June fourth!). 


Trainer socks

Three quarter length trousers on men

Idiot Traffic Lights without flow-sensors

Virtually every single BBC News sports presenter

TV 'Comedians'


Sanctimonious heads of trades unions who coin in 6 figure salaries and gold-plated pensions while pretending they are on the same side as the workers, who use ‘safety’ as a catch-all excuse for a strike and who use antiquated phrases like ‘management’ for a business.

"Thunderbirds are go". Always found this annoying, even as a child.

Also what Chuffy said about men's 3/4 length trousers.

ChuffyChufnell there is nothing irrational about being annoyed by that. 

MAMIL both annoy and disgust me - I do not want to see 50 gallons of cold porridge in a Lycra sack balanced on a ridiculously expensive bike. 

Clergham’s onanistic dronings 

the decline of received pronunciation 

incorrect cutlery grip

some of the silly things that annoy me irrationally  







A roadsign on the A1 south that indicates a turn off for Newark and the N is in the wrong font to the rest of it. 

When the perforations on the top ply and the bottom ply of toilet paper do not match up (usually the result of the roll not being "broken" correctly).

The VOXI lockdown advert (specifically the guy in it) also annoys me.

that I still can't remember how to spell disappointing and successful without relying on spell check. 

PP arwnt you rofamous for not touching your own bum

Only when I'm in Japan, wang.

Someone should start importing those high-tech loos into the UK.

What about whiskEy? Is it okay to whiskey scotch?

PP the loo roll issue can very easily be fixed you know.....

use of “shuttered” for closed : PLEASE STOP

people can do what they want with whiskey, even drink it I suppose

Cyclists who jump red lights

Incorrectly using 'your' instead of 'you're' and 'should of' instead of 'should have'

Drivers who don't use their indicators

That red headed bint on the Wowcher ads

Using Google to cheat on a quiz


Actors getting awards and being over paid for doing their job. They think they're the most important people in the world. Fuck them; give the big money to the people who do the really essential jobs that no one else wants to do.

Preachy celebrities

The Daily Mail

I'm stopping now before I start grinding my teeth