Silly Mare

Even having these things done by a doctor isn't foolproof as where I grew up an orthopaedic surgeon started doing this when he retired to top up his pension without any additional training and I've heard that he's had to fight off a few claims.

Perhaps if we banned airbrushing and the type of shite the Daily Mail comes out with, couple that with positive reassurance and constructive criticism, we wouldn't have this shit.

Oh! This shit gets a lot of money for rich people who donate to the tories!!  Sorry, it's all fine then.



tbf stix, it is probably easier to ban people injecting botchellism into their faces in other people's lounges than convincing the world media complex to adopt fat lasses.  rebel johnson aside obv.

HD television will do more to abolish looks fascism and the idiotic plastic surgery that goes with it than any galaxy-worth of moral lectures.  

Nowadays you can actually are the Beautiful People on the Telly properly and they are just as wrinkly / warty / pockmarked / pasty-faced, grey and drab as anyone else.