Shouty nanny

Next door's nanny is very shouty.  I get that kids are stressful to deal with, and we all shout at them from time to time, but she bellows at them fairly frequently (and dealing with kids is kinda her job).  I can hear a child screaming "I want my mamma" at the minute.  

I'm not concerned the kids are in danger or there's abuse, but it's just unpleasant for them and I don't think I'd be happy if my kids were shouted at as often.  


Would you mention something, or just keep out of it?

record it on your phone first. Make sure it bears up to a "sleep on it" delay for objectivity and, if it does, that any squealing by you thing you say cannot be denied by the nanny. Then go in and say "my name is Heffakump Waksman QC and I should like to get involved with your personal life without invitation or entitlement, mostly out of prurient fascination and a sense that life should be better than it plainly is" then play the video and get beaten shitless.


is my advice.

Yeah I’d mention it. Nanny might be telling them that she is having to shout, but if s/he is keeping it quiet from them then that’s another matter.




One minor point, I would have gone with Heffakump Waksoff-Sailors QC

This is the problem with london

thin walls

poorly constructed buildings

if you were to bring two women back and film it, and maybe it ended badly, all your neighbours would know

not in a high rise apartment building

I'll have you know I hardly ever get beaten up by my neighbours

How about informing the parents that their nanny is quite loud with the kids and - not judging any methods of education - this makes it difficult for you to work from home. Now they'll know and they will figure if a telling off is in order.

You really should not be listening in to conversations from next door.


Yes, the first thing that will cross their minds is what other noises has this creepy ecouteur been enjoying? 

I think nanny shouting is different. you should mention it but be careful how you do so...

Erm, why wouldn’t he be thanked? I would thank him. He’s not snitching on a cheating husband or something. 

The nanny is actually being to shout at the shithead recuidivists  so that the parents dont have to and can go and enjoy the lash and dinner before coming home to a peaceful household.

Hi neighbour

You know how I shout at my kids a LOT more than you shout at your kids? Well your nanny SCREAMS at your kids more than I shout at mine. A lot more. 

Regards, JM 


I guess my point is if there are other neighbours how would your neighbor know it was you that left the note?

”yo g, I heard some woman screaming at yo kids, might wanna get it checked out? Idk”

Or something to that effect.

Wait until the nanny is actively shouting then go over and SCREAM “now what’s all this noise about?!” when the noise promptly stops calmly say, “now that’s more like it” and walk away.

Don’t think you’ll have any more issues and won’t need to involve the parents. 

I’d mention it. I’d certainly want to know if that was my nanny/children. 

Why don’t you volunteer to babysit the kids for a week first, and see if you end up concluding that they deserve to be screamed at?

No, I wouldn’t interfere. Shouting at kids isn’t unusual, they can be annoying as fook. I don’t really shout at mine, but if I had to have them all day I might tbh

Do you know your neighbours?

I would tell my neighbours if I saw something that concerned me ie potential abuse, I would turn a blind eye and deaf ear to most other things. 

as it happens next door have an au pair and kids same age as ours.