should I get fillers (cheek and lips)

my nemesis has them and does look very good.


you already look nice and when they go wrong they go REALLY wrong

ps who is your nemsis?? I wonder if we have the same one

Cheeks - probably not.

Lips - may be, if they’re particularly thin. 

I hate how expensive it is becoming to just maintain a face in the world

I spend so much on fricking moisturiser alone

I suspect in reality you need neither. Ask me again after the quiz

What about filling, not lips but the smokers' lines around them? Any good or bad reports? 

Just wondering. 

not lips, it always looks "done". Check out Tapan Patel at the Phi clinic for his very, very subtle 8 point lift. I haven't but would def go to him if I had the £££. mistress of billionair at school gate goes tere and looks $1,000,000 but also spends $1,000,000

as for your nemesis, if you can tell it's been done then its done badly and you should let her know that obvious work went out with victoria beckham's last implant removal

apart from she lives in a Chelsea townhouse and I live in an attic flat.

an attic flat in one of the nicest places on the planet!

a lemon and some rusty nails make an effective curse, according to the witchcraft show at the Ashmolean. My nemesis has a nose like the concorde and eyes like deputy dawg but it doesn't stop the loathe

Had the smoking lines done and am really happy. Very subtle. Didn’t really notice much difference until a saw some photos of myself and looked pretty good. 


Am am seriously considering getting the lips done.