Shop bought roast potatoes/ is this a no no

Had some friends over for a simple roast , venison, roast potatoes and asparagus. However I realised I had no potatoes but had some marks and Spencer ones , which I cooked with goose fat , garlic, and rosemary. Now I know ones cooked from scratch if done properly are fairly unbeatable. But you can get very, very good ones nowadays from marks and the like . Ditto , Yorkshire puddings.

I am so putting this on the "SW19 mums" facebook. BEWARE: shop bought roasties have been sighted on a dinner table near you.

Auntie Bessies Yorkies you fools, M&S do good ones too. Five minutes in the oven.

I'm from Yorkshire and can make them from scratch, but don't get too precious about these things.

I am confused by the OP.  it sounds like you are apologising for buying spuds from M&S and cooking them in a perfectly normal fashion.

people who cook their own yorkies should be eliminated

Inever cook Yorkies, too messy, fvcking about with super hot oil when half a bottle down. Besides Marks and spencers do brilliant ones, absoloutley superb. Mother and granny will disagree.


Wang, no they were pre-pared from M&S (uncooked) and you pit them in the oven for an hour and bingo. I just added some extra goose fat

Surely your big problem here is quantity- any self respecting home cooked roast meal needs mountains of roast potatoes and I doubt and M&S box of them is going to do the job.

I get the feeling you’d leave an ebitda dinner party hungry. And thirsty too. Maybe carrying the same fish you went in with. 

I have tried shop bought roasties before. They just aren't as good as the ones I can make myself with a bit of parboiling, a bit of duck or goosefat and a decent oven. Cheaper too.

I have bought yorkies before. I do feel a pang of disapproval over doing this but sometimes who can be arsed?!

Not made a roast dinner in ages, though...

Parboiling roasties is a common error - they need to be entirely boiled to get them really crispy - just short of falling apart.

hold on, did someone just say they'd bring fish to a dinner party?  wtaf

No Guy, incorrect. What they need is parboiling and then draining and then you shake them in the pan to get the edges fluffed. Pour into hot fat on the baking tray and shake to cover them in the hot fat.  Season. Whack in the oven for 40 minutes. Works a treat. The fluffy edges get all crisped up and the insides are soft and delicious.

"I get the feeling you’d leave an ebitda dinner party hungry"


Early is the word that springs to mind. 


Shop bought roast potatoes are ok sometimes. 


Shop bought yorkshires? Never. 

Heh. I'm not actually. My hairdresser (who is male) recommended it so I thought I'd give it a pass. With play dates ramping up and Teddy Tennis, I think we're good on the kiddo entertainment front.

Guy wrong, dusters right.

And I taught Wang how to cook, rest and serve steak properly.


*pulls hem of jumper over head, points both hands to the ceiling and runs around the office cheering herself enthusiastically*


Only thing I'd add to dusters' 10:34 is if the roasties don't sizzle hard and loud at the moment you add them to the fat before returning to the oven then it's not hot enough.

OK guys, how do you get round the fact that the oven needs to be much hotter for the roasties than for the meat? My grandad made the most amazing roasties but he had two ovens.

The meat needs to stand for about 30 minutes anyway. So once the meat is out, whack up the oven and chuck in the spuds. Put foil over the meat if you're concerned it's going to get cold.

I think people in the UK have gone a bit mad over crispy roasties, we’ve all had too many pub Sunday lunches where quite honestly they look like they’ve been deep fried.

i am very parsimonious about how much dripping goes in the tin, a teaspoon for flavour and a bit of sunflower oil to help, we shouldnt be eating them in huge quantities of fat.

crisp outside. Fluffy inside. Not 50% hard crisp, its too much.

it's a crime to serve "shop bought" roast spuds - par boiled in a strong veg stock and then roasted in a cm of silky goose fat (turned a few times)

I completely agree minkie - be yellow with browned and crispy edges not entirely crispy- cooking around the meat can sometimes produce the perfect roast potato for flavour (especially lamb) without necessarily producing the most crispy roast potato.

True - there's a great recipe in one of Nigel Slater's books where you put the lamb directly on the oven shelf over a tray of potatoes so the fat can drip down and cook them at the same time...

personally, I don't like roast potatoes and request mashed potatoes with my roast instead.

how can you not like chips?  you are from the north ffs, that's like the ONLY food

Judy not liking roast potatoes and chips is deeply wrong.

When Judo left the family home she went into a booth like that machine in Superman II and all traces of Northern were removed.

Judes I'd refuse to date someone that didn't like chips. 


I can only imagine Judo's family seat had a ww2 bunker at the bottom of the garden where someone had stashed an emergency supply of foodstuffs.  whilst the rest of us spent the 80s eating Bernard Matthews' Mini kievs, heinz beans and ice cream topped with ice magic, she gorged on an ancestral hoarde of uncooked broccoli and tattinger

I pay 20 quid a month to a cryogenic lab to store an arctic roll in case the company stops making them 

Got any vintage Findus Crispy Pancakes. Not the mince ones though, they ming.

dusty - that's lamb boulangere (or sumfink like that) and it is awesome!

that is weird judy, very weird.

good things to do with potatoes: mash, dauphinoise, boulangerie (sp??), aloo bhaja


what is the point of chips and roasts? so beige.

'Scuse me, I have a monopoly on rof as regards posts with "wrong'un" in them relating to Judo.

Lyonnaise Judy, my fave posh potatoes.

However I don’t like ‘chips’ as we do them in the UK, I’m strictly a fries guy.  Thin, crispy, salty.  Nom.

Bernard Matthews' Mini kievs

I thought these were a fairly modern addition to the BM oeuvre.

Just FYI, the Bernard Matthews turkey dinosaurs are excellent hangover food. I haven't had them in years and the memory of their salty, fatty, crispy goodness has just come back to me.

nah they were deffo around in the 80s.  I remember scalding my face with the hotter than magma contents of a BMMK whilst watching rainbow in about 1986.  come to think of it, i think that's where my stubble comes out white.

French fries ftw

Turkey dinosaurs are ossum

Chicken kiev is my normal pub meal of choice nowadays

I realize I've not yet had fish fingers in the UK. Are they recognizable as fish or are they some pureed / mixed with other stuff abomination?


They r deffo fish Trix.  or horse.  I am fairly tuglite either way tbh.

It’s normally just cod or haddock covered in breadcrumbs mate.  They have to be quite careful with labeling these days.

Some are covered in breadcrumbs, some have proper batter. They all taste good though.

 Hmm I might make myself a fish finger sandwich in a bit.  Not had one in yonks.

and by the way

1) french fries are chips

2) the french dont do them as well as the belgians or indeed the yanks

3) you cant beat british chips from a proper chippie to accompany fried haddock and mushy peas (ideally slathered in salt, vinegar, ketchup and a side of savaloy or battered sausage).


i think i have settled on dinner 

can you get decent fish fingers for in the oven? (realize this is blasphemy, but hey ho)

come to think of it, i think that's where my stubble comes out white.

Bit late to claim for damages, I suspect. That train has sailed.

We were never allowed junky food when I was a kid :(

Tricky - get the Captain Birdseye ones. Mr Dusty LOVES them in a sandwich and he cooks them in the oven. I, on the other hand, hate fish and seafood, so I do not partake. He has the omega ones or the cod.

Tricky - I usually whack them all in the oven anyway.  Not sure if is intended but they cool up perfectly fine and take about the same time as a tray of McCain’s oven fries.

what she said, you cant go wrong with a bird's eye fish finger or a youngs. oveni g is best cos they are easy to burn if you grill them

as a student i was known to make a fish finger sarn in under 5 mins by putting them in the toaster* but I would not recommend this approach tbh


*i got the idea from a ben elton book i think

anyone recall chicken fingers?  We never had them but a mate did, used to love going to his place for tea.

Just googled. Capt Birdseye = Capt Iglo. Heh. So they're that same as in NL.

I have thing for fishfingers and baked beans...

Guy, they still make them. They look exactly like fish fingers.

man, we never had packaged convenience school when I was growing up. 

We had "dinner" and had dull stuff like spaghetti bolegnese or pork chops and mash - I was wildly jealous of mates who had "tea" which was yummy stuff like chips and beans and chicken fingers every day.

We could never afford it and my mum was proper old school ‘make do and mend’ in terms of cooking everything from scratch.  We had a garden and an allotment where child slavery was invoked every weekend so we got used to eating loads of rancid concoctions like stuffed marrows etc.

As an adult, I think I owe it to the memory of childhood me to eat all the ready packaged stuff that I fancy and missed out on.

my mum .ade us marrow stuffed with mince once.  we returned it, ever so politely, and asked for the service charge to be removed.

Neither did we, Judes. When I was a kid my mum used to shop in the local health food shop quite often. Soxmix toad in the hole, anyone? Haha.

I have never bought or knowingly eaten shop made roasties

indeed, I don't really get the concept

ebitda indicates you have to cook them with oil etc

what exactly distinguishes them from the raw uncooked potato save for being peeled? are they parboiled? 

nothing wrong with fish fingers, mini H is a  big fan am pleased to say

That’s all lovely and it ‘sounds delicious’ though I can have any type of food... I do have favourite recipes, such as the ‘parmigiana’ with aubergines ?

can I just say...


That I have only just finished enjoying myself at the sight of dusty's lacy black bra at 12:07 on 28 January?