Shoes: A Paradigm Shift
ShootyMcShootyface 08 Jul 19 15:45
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I think these look really cool.

Tempted, m7s...

Backstory: Saving for big family holiday, only breadwinner in the household, feel constrained not to spend any money on "me", saving it all for the family, but occassionally I look for a little something to blow some cash on.

However, I also have trouble finding anything I would like to buy. I could easily spend £ks on Lego, but as a middle aged man, probably best not too, so I've successful supressed the urge for so long that it's now basically withered away. Guitars, but I can't play due to the eczema on my fingers. I can't find any electronics that are genuinely useful and cutting edge, etc, so... I look at kickstarter and indiegogo and that. And it's mainly crap.

Life's great, innit?

Didn’t think that was going to work. I wanted to paste their logo in, am I the only one who thinks their logo says “I Suk”?

They look weird.  I treated myself to a new pair of regular flip flops last night.

Fvck me, hundred quid. It’s like those slippers you see advertised all over the net for a similar amount due to the fact (so far as I can make out) they have a removeable outsole 

Those freaky shoes with toes + the ugliness which is Crocs = those.