Serious question re Iran

Why do we treat North Korea like a pariah, but seem to bend over backwards to accommodate Iran, whose regime is as bit as evil?

Another question: this oil tanker the Royal Marines seized off Gib: do we really think any other country in the EU would have bothered? If not, why not?

Not sure smacking a load of sanctions on them and occasionally bombing them is bending over backwards.

I know friends who've been to Iran and from what they've said life there seems to be infinitely better than life in North Korea where a chunk of the population is starving.

Even Hunt has now said they can have their boat back if they say sorry and promise not to send it to Syria.

Does any sensible person want to answer my questions, especially the first.

Trump has a fucking photo of Kim Jong Un hanging in the West Wing next to a photo of the Queen. The premise of your question is fucking retarded.

Wtf has Trump got to do with the price of bread? I'm talking about Europe.

I mentioned North Korea only to illustrate the contrast in attitude towards evil regimes.

Europe has a peace treaty in place with Iran, who up until Trump renegade on such treaty was abiding by it. Iran is only in breach of the treaty now because it is unable to offload the production of Uranium that it was allowed to produce under the treaty.

Try and read a book that wasn't written by Wodehouse every now and again, yeah? You might understand the world a bit better.

My question stands: why, notwithstanding the formality of sanctions, do we insist on cozying up to one of the most vile regimes in the world?

I doubt he will supes.

He thinks the US problems with Iran are caused by (and I quote) “hawkish democrats”.

Yeah......I know.

Christ, the SVR must be in a pretty bad state if they have to rely on their agents asking lawyers for an explanation on the West’s diplomatic stance towards Iran vis-a-vis North Korea. 

Iran is a nature ally of the West in the Middle East.

It is not an Arab state. Is more democratic than most states in the regime, most notably our great friends and allies the Saudis. Potentially have the population and an economy to drive the whole region and become not dependent of oil. Further if you know the history of Iran, can you really blame them for being paranoid. The British meddled in their politics for years, effectively stole their oil revenue via Anglo Persian Oil Company for decades (percursor to BP) and a company the UK economy was very dependent on in late forties, deposed with the yanks a democratically elected PM in 1953 and propped up the Shah for decades.

Iran strategic objectives, economy and politics is very different to North Korea.

The great helmsman, Khameni, is fixated on exterminating the

Zionist tumour

That's all you need to know 

Is it not because Iran has an odd dichotomy of fundamentalists and westernised intellectuals, so is not completely "gone" as a country? Also the zealots know which side their bread is buttered on so are happy to wage proxy wars but don't really fancy a final showdown with the infidels? 

NK by contrast is run by a paranoid dictator with zero interest in discourse other than to extract concessions to prop up his regime? 

NK easier for Trump as it is all binary choices.