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Wang's Upon a Time 24 Jun 19 12:51
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Some weeks ago you were kind enough to recommend the Shardlake books to me, which I have very much enjoyed.  This morning I commenced reading the 7th book in the series, Tombland, and finally got your joke.

When Shardlake describes Norwich as "England's second city".  Lolled hard.

Very good sir, you play a cunningly long game but the punchline was worth it.

For any1 else who is a crime / thriller type, recommend the widow/child/suspect series by fiona barton

It is being noticed... ...and you are being judged silently.

[Mind you, this coming from the person who has just started to read the Game of Thrones... ...I haven't seen any of the visual stuff so I'm enjoying constructing the whole world in my head]

Shardlake rules although the new one is a bit flabby in the middle.

Yeah it is harder going tbf

 i assume that's because the author was in norwich for research purposes abd the lokels (sp?) stole some chromosomes

fuck u all

the gr7est city that ever was and ever will be couldn’t give two dickies wot u lot think