Sending bank details to other lawyers for completions

What is your firms policy on this to combat fraud?  Does it have to be by secure email or just sent in an email then follow up call?

Old fashioned ways work best - send bank details to the other side by post or fax, can't be intercepted that way.

Wot Claphamlad said, standard template by snailmail with warnings not to accept instructions/changes via email

Yes post can't be intercepted and I haven't had mine intercepted at home several times in the last year.  Oh hang on I have.

Many clients I'll now get their details face to face when they come in to sign documents.  Otherwise generally be e-mail but with a follow up call which includes explaining to elderly clients that I do indeed know my own account details and am not asking them to confirm the details to me.

Loads of fraudsters out there right now.

Post and Fax hard to intercept, but easy to impersonate. Fraudsters just send a letter or fax with the company letter head forged.

Standard email can be impersonated and intercepted with a virus or by a hacker.

Secure Email good but needs to be actually secure with system verified by a security bod every 12 months, from a firm you can sue if they get it wrong.

face to face in a windowless room after it's been swept for bugs

Post is easy to intercept in many cases.  Block I used to live in had external mail boxes and someone was definitely fishing my post as they got the name on my Thames Water account changed and opened several bank accounts clearly hoping to fish the bank cards out of the mailbox while I was at work.

Very easy to intercept. I once represented a chap who worked for an organised crime ring. They used to set up bank accounts in the names of law firms, intercept their post and nick the cheques. Particularly easy regionally,as the DX is just a little cupboard on a side street and is shared.