Send her back! Send her back!

The trumpalumpas were chanting this as Trump attacked Ilhan Omar last night, after he paused to let the chant build momentum.

Turns out we were right all along.  Trump, Brexit, Bolsonaro, Putin, Erdogan, Obran, Salvini... it's all starting to feel a bit 1930s around here.

But don't call them racist, that's how you get trump and brexit!

The thing is they are racists. They like him being a racist. 

The fact this upsets "libtards" is a good thing. 


Don't have anything to add here, so basically, what Threepwood said

Bit rich from a country built on the work of immigrants, tbf.

Bit rich from a country that killed the indigenous population and is built on the work of immigrants 

Disgusting. That third rate gutter piece of shit isn't fit to occupy a piss soaked street corner let alone the White House.

Also what Caitlin Moran said:

"It's all classic distraction - being a racist gets him votes. Being caught up in a massive paedophile scandal doesn't."

They did kill a lot of them, DD. A lot of them killed back, too. Big old bloodbath.

Supes, that story isn't going away.  His advisers are more stupid than I thought if they think they can distract their way out of Epstein.


Someone raised a sensible point on twitter: at what point are universities and corporate-sponsored venues going to refuse to hold his mini nuremburgs?

Aha, the Nuremberg factor

If you are so obsessed with the Holocaust, why don't you dump on to

Germans rather than Americans 

Well, the German leader isn't headlining with racist views today, Bernstein.

What is this thing I read today about Trump suggesting she was married to her brother? That is just barking mad. How could he thinking saying that in any public forum was a good idea?

A while ago I was driving with a colleague to a conference in North Carolina. At various points we saw houses with the Confederate Flag outside. This was also around the time of the Texas court case about the Confederate flag number plate. What I said to my colleague was that of course they had the right to fly the flag outside their house. I even found it useful as it meant I didn't have to knock on the door and talk to them to find out there was a racist inside.

because the Germans would probably like it, the filthy beggars

"Bit rich from a country that killed the indigenous population"


Dux if you go to the Smithsonian Museum of the Native American in DC it is essentially a story of white man turns up, things are fine native trusts them, white man screws the natives, time passes, natives trust white man again, white man screws them again, and repeat. Pretty depressing stuff. One people who aren't really mentioned in the museum are the Hawaiians. Story of how their country was stolen at the urging of US businessmen is pretty disgraceful.

"Trump suggesting she was married to her brother?"

Bit of a misstep there. That kind of thing is probably pretty normal amongst his base.