Seeing Policemen

There's a report in the Times this morning about a survey that found that over 30% of people hadn't seen a policeman or PCSO in their area in the last six months or possibly a year.  I assume they asked a group of hermits as I see several every day on my way to and from work and even when I'm out in the sticks I'll see police car probably once a fortnight and I don't do much driving.

seeing a police car is not the sames as seeing a bobby on the beat

It is Bikes when the nearest village with a pavement is a couple of miles away.  You have to be deranged to walk on the lane I'll be living on given the idiots who believed the estate agent that told them their new house is only four minutes' drive from the local station.

Having more police around doesn't necessarily mean less crime. America has cops all over the place yet it hardly appears safer.

That said, I once saw a crime being committed outside a police station. Called 999 and was told they'd send a mobile unit. Asked why the police couldn't just come out of the police station instead. She said that wasn't allowed.

You sure about that Fred?  The recent documentaries I've seen in relation to US crime have a handful of police covering large towns at night although they still seem to turn up mob handed to any exciting incident.

Sails, in the US they still rely on patrol cars for traffic enforcement. Hence they pay for themselves. Also I believe a town's police force will be supplemented by county sheriffs and state police. 

I don't see many police officers round my way. If I did then the dog would probably have something to say on the subject. she hates people in hats.

Anyone who takes the train will saw stations crawling with coppers.