see this take on the prorogation? (sorry sorry)

it just doesn't feel right does it

I mean Parliamentary rigmarole does actually have significance and the speaker and black rod both went through the steps to close parliament

I don't agree it is still in session

this is like someone getting stabbed to death and a court ruling it was a civil wrong - that doesn't revive them does it


The man's a w*nker. Even the Remainers are embarrassed by him. Stop following him on Twitter now.

well actually someone else retweeted him but that is not the point

Even the Remainers are embarrassed by him.

Trust me, there is a long list of people in the UK I feel embarrassed by, and he doesn't feature on it.

I am embarrassed by him tbf he's a total fanny

Classic got made a QC then disengaged brain 4lyfe type

How do you get the job of Speaker’s Counsel?

I can see where you’re coming from tbh. The argument that the prorogation order is of no effect seems sound. The question is: does that mean that actions taken by the Speaker and the Rod (whoever the hell that is) and others in pursuit of the order (which they clearly would not have taken but for the order) are also automatically null and void? That’s arguable either way I think.

I will, however, support any argument against the Johnson government on any ground whatsoever, no matter how spurious.

More to the point does it really matter any more?  Everyone know Johnson is a liar and the government are astonishingly reckless - if we aren’t going to have an election there is not much parliament can do about it until October anyway

They could no conf Johnson and get on with agreeing an extension.

It was never going to do that until if and when Johnson fails to get a deal and fails to comply with the act and that wont be evident until parliament will be back anyway.  

If I were the SC I’d definitely order Parliament re-opened. That may indeed a power the SC doesn’t really have, or has never had before, but so what. If I’m the Supreme Court I can do what I want, there’s no appeal from me.