Secrets to happiness that you discovered along the way

Get up very early, go to bed very early. 

Start the day with a coffee and Radio 3 while looking into the garden. 

Make as much cash as you can. 

Joy can be found in unexpected places

Try and ignore other people’s opinions as early as possible 

Try things and have a go, irrespective of how “cool” someone else might say something is or not

Get off social media because it’s an absolute sh1tshow. 

Hiking / running / swimming / diving - pick a solo activity

Art / music / writing / pottery / cloth work / science - get creative however bad it is, do it

Surround yourself with good friends / family - stay grounded with the real people. Not social media lot (what dusty said).

Eat healthy / sleep well / keep it simple. 


Poor little hyoobert, sitting all alone in his concrete box in a compound, in a desert, in a dictatorship.


I LIKE going to bed early and it isn’t because I don’t have any to spend my evenings with.

Who needs other people in their life - they are an optional extra.

There, there hyoobert. You’ve always got the internet. Bless.

Not sure about solo activities...I agree being comfortable with yourself is important but surrounding yourself with friends (old or new) may be better for the soul!

I think activities you can do solo are important because you can always do them, and you will keep doing them, you dont have to rely on others and,  as relationships change in your life, you wont stop.  


Coffers list is a good one


I would add some stuff (some of which we learn as kids almost as truisms but dont really take on board until much older):

  • That you really do gain more than you lose by helping others
  • That once you are secure and your basic needs are met, earning more and more money really does not make you happier
  • Focus on the present not the past or the future
  • That if you can let go of status anxiety, you will be much much happier.

If someone is sending you abusive or disagreeable emails or posts on social media, or they are just a dick generally and wind you up, just don't read them/look at their stuff.  Simple to suggest, harder to resist the temptation in real life, but ultimately will improve your quality of life significantly.

All those celebrities who cry about all the nasty things people sent them - why on earth are you reading any of it then, you cretin.  

The key for most people, as cheesy as it may be, really is to count your blessings, and provided you and yours have what you need, try not to worry too much about what others have.  It's a hell of a lot easier said than done though particularly once you factor a family in to the equation. 


What Guy said re solo activities. Even if you are in a marriage or a relationship, you always need your solo time to clear your head - be it work issues or relationship or anything silly. This is the only way you evolve individually and within that relationship. 


Birds.  I never feel more at peace with myself than when I have an hour or five to think only about how to find the birds I want to see, and follow them when they appear.  But each of us has to find his/her own path to peace.  

Bear with me on this but being right wing. It’s a lot easier to be happier when you’re content with your position and accept a natural world order. You can also laugh at yourself and accept off colour jokes rather than getting offended. 

Also, I find it’s the little daily things that provide happiness- a walk and an iced coffee, some reading time with a cuppa and a biscuit, watching an episode of something good on Netflix, cooking with the kids etc.

What Stardust and Coffers said.

As to individual activity I'd add learn another/ other languages and do those activities in non-touristy locations in the host countries (preferably EU do better healthcare in an emergency, rule of law, cuisine, culture, etc) and one can avoid annoying monolingual embarrassing Brits who cramp your style.

Don't try to outdo your siblings, parents and contemporaries. Try your best, but to the extent possible be able to walk away from it all tomorrow. 

Listen to everybody's free (to wear sunscreen). 

Have a recent happy picture on your phone.

Read a copy of letters of note. 

Pez, hoping you mean the feathered birds, a bit creepy othewise...

Well, to make sure they aren't disturbed, I make sure to stay a discreet distance away, and observe with binoculars... 👀